ABC's 'Wanna Bet?' Begins Tonight
ABC's 'Wanna Bet?' Begins Tonight
The ABC television network's new hit game show combines the ordinary with the extraordinary.  Wanna Bet? premieres tonight at 9pm ET/PT.  The show will feature celebrities making wagers on various stunts, tricks and challenges performed by average Americans.  The money won, meanwhile, will be given to the charity that the winning celebrity chooses.

Wanna Bet? will be hosted by British comedy sensations Ant and Dec, famed for their stint on Britain's Got Talent.  The four celebrities chosen for the show's debut are Sherri Shepherd, the co-host of ABC's The View, George Takei of Star Trek, comedian Tom Green and Canadian personality Harland Williams. 

ABC has released a teaser of the show, which features ordinary teacher Harald Stempfler with an amazing taste in music.  He claims he can identify the album name and artist of a CD just by licking it.  He started doing this ten years ago, and was finally given the chance to showcase his talent.  The challenge is that he has to name four out of five CDs while blindfolded, and using only his tongue.  The celebrity participants will then act as judges, betting on the success or failure of Harald and the other unusual challengers. 

Executive producers of Wanna Bet? are Phil Gurin and Mark Jansen, who have also worked on the successful game show The Weakest Link.  Other celebrities who have signed up for the show are Drew Lachey of Dancing with the Stars, former Skating with Celebrities host Scott Hamilton, and comedian Bill Engvall.

Wanna Bet? was originally a German quiz game show, adapted for American television by ABC.  The network is still looking for creative and original experts and amateurs to prove that they can do something no one else does, and perform it on national television.  Produced by the Gurin Company, Wanna Bet? features other stunts like using a 50-pound truck tire as a hula hoop, solving a Rubik's cube while submerged in water, and even loading a truck with dozens of couches in just three minutes.

Be sure not to miss Wanna Bet?'s first episode at 9pm ET/PT tonight.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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