It’s never too late to look back! We finally found the time to celebrate the sexiest women of 2023 on television and in movies. Did your favorite sexy actress make our 2023 hottest women list?

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#30 Peyton List

Sexiest Women 2023: Peyton List

As our first entry of sexiest actresses in 2023, the “Cobra Kai” star Peyton List marked her year with impactful roles and expanding her presence across various platforms. She starred in the paranormal series “School Spirits” on Paramount+, playing a high school student navigating the complexities of the afterlife while solving the mystery of her own disappearance. This role has been a significant addition to her diverse acting portfolio, which includes a variety of characters across television and film.

Aside from her work in “School Spirits,” Peyton also participated in the horror film “Eli Roth’s Be Mine: A VR Valentine’s Slasher,” further showcasing her versatility as an actress by diving into the horror genre with a virtual reality twist. Her career continues to evolve, demonstrating her ability to adapt to different styles and mediums of storytelling.

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Additionally, Peyton is an advocate for mental health, actively supporting related causes and using her platform to raise awareness. She also pursues music, having released singles like ‘Liar Liar,’ which adds another layer to her creative expression.

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#29 Jennifer Connelly

Sexiest Women 2023: Jennifer Connelly

I’ve been in love with Jennifer Connelly for as long as I can remember. She’s an Academy Award winning actress (for “A Beautiful Mind” in 2001) with looks to boot. What’s not to love?

And how many remember how adorable she was in one of the best musicals, “Labyrinth” with David Bowie? She’s so timeless and her more recent stardom as Penny Benjamin in the new Top Gun (2022) sealed the deal for me.

In 2023, she starred in “Bad Behaviour,” a black comedy where she plays a former child actress at a retreat. I haven’t seen her in the new 2024 Apple+ Sci-Fi series “Dark Matter” yet, but I’m going to get on that ASAP.

Just look how amazing she still looks. So remarkable. If it were up to me, she’d be much higher on our list of sexiest women of 2023, and would definitely make my all-time hottest list.

Jennifer Connelly from 1991 to 2023😍
byu/Far_Entrepreneur775 inJenniferConnelly

#28 Sophie Nélisse

Sexiest Women 2023: Sophie Nélisse

From her breakout role as a resilient book lover in “The Book Thief” to her intense performances in films like “Close,” Sophie Nélisse has consistently captivated audiences with her powerful on-screen presence.

In 2023, Sophie’s portrayal of a determined nurse in “Irena’s Vow” offered a window into her incredible range, showcasing a character who’s as heroic as she is humane—reminding us once again why she’s a fixture in discussions of Hollywood’s most versatile young and hottest actresses. (Elle Québec)​

But what is it about Sophie that makes her stand out? Perhaps it’s her ability to communicate profound emotions with a single look—her eyes not just seen but felt, reaching out and pulling viewers into the very heart of her characters’ experiences. This magnetic quality has not only earned her critical acclaim but also a place among the sexiest actresses of 2023, a tribute to her allure that transcends the superficial, touching something deeper in the audience’s psyche.

Off-screen, Sophie’s journey is equally inspiring. Fluent in multiple languages and with a passion for stories that speak of history and heartache, she brings a rich background to each role she tackles. As we watched her navigate the dark days of WWII in “Irena’s Vow,” it was clear: Sophie isn’t just acting; she’s re-living, re-telling, re-imagining the past for us in the most compelling ways.

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#27 Alison Brie

Sexiest Women 2023: Alison Brie

Alison Brie has long been a beloved figure on screen, from her comedic timing in “Community” to her riveting performances in “GLOW.” This 2023 sexiest actress took her talents to new heights with “Somebody I Used to Know,” a film she not only starred in but also co-wrote alongside her husband, Dave Franco. This project proved to be a perfect canvas for her to display her multifaceted creativity, blending sharp wit with heartfelt storytelling.

What truly sets Alison apart isn’t just her ability to entertain. Her commitment to staying fit and active is almost legendary in Hollywood circles, where she often shares her challenging workouts and wellness tips. It’s her dedication to her health that adds an invigorating layer to her vibrant on-screen presence, making her a beacon of inspiration for her fans.

Yet, it’s her off-screen endeavors that resonate just as powerfully. A vocal advocate for environmental sustainability, Alison actively supports efforts to combat climate change. Moreover, her work promoting body positivity is more than just a passion—it’s a mission. Through her public speeches and social media, she encourages a dialogue on self-love and acceptance, challenging the industry’s standards and advocating for a healthier, more inclusive perspective on beauty. (Alison Brie Source)

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#26 Elle Fanning

Sexiest Women 2023: Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival

From the ethereal realms of “The Great” to the dramatic arcs of Broadway, 2023 showcased the remarkable versatility and captivating elegance of Elle Fanning.Her standout year solidifies her position on the list of the sexiest women due to her versatile acting prowess, distinctive style, and engaging presence both on and off the screen. She made her Broadway debut in “Appropriate,” adding a prestigious layer to her already impressive career, which includes starring as Catherine the Great in the critically acclaimed Hulu series “The Great.”​

Elle’s grace and style were on full display at various events, including the Cannes Film Festival, where her fashion choices consistently captured the public’s imagination, reflecting her ethereal beauty and sophisticated taste​​.

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#25 Dafne Keen

Sexiest Women 2023: Dafne Keen

With her rich acting portfolio and captivating screen presence, Dafne Keen has earned her place among the most intriguing talents and sexiest women of 2023. Born in 2005, Dafne’s early breakout role was as Laura/X-23 in the film “Logan,” which garnered her critical acclaim and several nominations for her performance, establishing her as a promising young star in Hollywood.

Dafne continued to expand her impressive resume in 2023 by taking on a significant role in the new Star Wars series, “The Acolyte,” set to explore the dark side forces in the Star Wars universe. This role showcased her ability to handle complex and dynamic characters in high-profile productions​.

Dafne’s talents extend beyond acting; she’s also featured on the cover of DSCENE Magazine’s January 2023 issue, where she discussed her career choices and her passion for meaningful projects. This interview highlighted her thoughtful approach to her roles and her commitment to authenticity in her performances.

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#24 Sydney Sweeney

Sexiest Women 2023: Sydney Sweeney

2023 was a remarkable year for Sydney Sweeney, marked by significant achievements and new ventures. She starred in the thriller drama “Reality,” which premiered at the 73rd Berlin Film Festival. This film, directed by Tina Satter, focuses on a tense, dialogue-driven storyline that showcases Sydney’s acting prowess. (Roger Ebert)

Additionally, Sydney continued to make waves in the fashion and beauty industry by becoming a brand ambassador for Armani Beauty and Laneige, aligning her with major fashion and beauty brands and further establishing her presence in these industries​.

Sydney also made an impact in the romantic comedy scene with her role in “Anyone But You,” a film that premiered in December 2023 and quickly became a commercial success. Her performance, alongside co-star Glen Powell, was instrumental in the film’s success, demonstrating her versatility as an actress​.

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#23 Bailee Madison

Sexiest Women 2023: Bailee Madison

In the chilling corridors of the 2023 horror hit “Play Dead,” Bailee Madison delivered a performance that captured audiences, starring opposite Jerry O’Connell. This film not only highlighted her ability to navigate intense roles but also solidified her position as a rising star in genre films. The intriguing premise of “Play Dead,” featuring a blend of suspense and dark twists, provided the perfect backdrop for her evolving acting prowess.

Beyond the screen, Bailee has passionately dedicated herself to making a difference. Her commitment to anti-bullying initiatives and her support for the Starlight Children’s Foundation exemplify her drive to impact the world positively. Through her efforts, she has brought smiles and hope to hospitalized children, showcasing a spirit of generosity that complements her artistic endeavors.

Bailee’s off-camera life is filled with pursuits that enrich her craft. An avid photographer, she captures moments that reflect her artistic eye, while her deep family ties ground her in a set of enduring values that she often credits for her success.

2023 also saw Bailee venturing into the music industry, signing with Jonas Group Entertainment. Her debut single, “Kinda Fun,” reveals yet another layer of her creative talents, offering fans a taste of her musical stylings.

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#22 Alexandra Daddario

Sexiest Women 2023: Alexandra Daddario

With a commanding presence as Dr. Rowan Fielding in the AMC series “Mayfair Witches,” Alexandra Daddario brought depth and darkness to the screen, captivating audiences with her portrayal in this adaptation of Anne Rice‘s “Lives of the Mayfair Witches.” Her performance as the complex witch at the center of a generational saga not only highlights her acting prowess but also her ability to anchor a series with intense and intricate narratives.

In addition to her work in “Mayfair Witches,” Alexandra continues to be recognized for her versatility in various genres. Notably, she has a deep love for musical theater and enjoys pursuits like chess, adding layers to her off-screen persona​. (Looper)

Her active presence in projects across both film and television, coupled with her engaging off-screen interests and advocacy for causes like mental health, cements her status as a dynamic figure and one of the sexiest women in Hollywood​​.

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#21 Emma Myers

Sexiest Women 2023: Emma Myers

Emma Myers captured the hearts of viewers worldwide with her charming portrayal of Enid Sinclair, the werewolf roommate in Netflix’s hit series “Wednesday.” This role significantly boosted her visibility and showcased her ability to bring depth and nuance to her characters. Having begun her acting journey as a child with a debut in “The Glades,” Emma has matured into a versatile and sexy actress whose performances resonate with a broad audience. (The Teal Mango)

Emma has a diverse range of interests outside of acting. She is multilingual, fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin, which not only enhances her acting skills but allows her to connect with a wide audience globally. Emma is also known for her love of the Final Fantasy XV soundtrack, specifically the song “Somnus Ultima,” which she cited as her most listened to song of 2019. Additionally, she has a deep appreciation for vintage cars and an adventurous spirit, having once been caught in a blizzard in Iceland​.

In addition to her acting, Emma Myers has expressed interest in potentially opening her own tea house in the future, reflecting her entrepreneurial spirit. Her favorite dance form is contemporary, which she pursued before fully dedicating herself to acting​. (Nicki Swift)

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#20 Zoey Deutch

Sexiest Women 2023: Zoey Deutch

With diverse engagements in both film and philanthropy, Zoey Deutch reinforced her position as one of the sexiest and most talented actresses of 2023. She joined Clint Eastwood‘s upcoming film, “Juror #2,” adding a significant project to her portfolio. The film promises to be a gripping courtroom drama with Zoey starring alongside notable actors like Nicholas Hoult and Toni Collette.

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Moreover, Zoey’s passion for fashion is evident in her striking red carpet appearances and her role as a fashion icon, often seen at major fashion events and collaborating with top fashion brands​. Her involvement in various philanthropic causes, coupled with her advocacy for animal rights and LGBTQ+ rights, showcases her commitment to using her platform for positive impacts​​.

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#19 Emma Stone

Sexiest Women 2023: Emma Stone

Emma Stone has continued to make her mark, securing her place on our sexiest actresses of 2023 list with a blend of standout roles and undeniable charm. She has been especially noted for her role in “Poor Things,” a film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, where she plays Bella Baxter, a woman brought back to life by a scientist in a fantastical narrative set in the Victorian era​.

In addition to her acting prowess, Emma’s commitment to philanthropy, especially in mental health awareness, adds to her allure. Her advocacy efforts are complemented by her engagement in environmental conservation, making her influence felt both on and off the screen.

Her distinctive voice, dynamic acting skills, and fashion sense, notably during her appearances at high-profile events like Paris Fashion Week, make her a continual figure of fascination and admiration in the entertainment industry​. With her recent Oscar win for “Poor Things,” following her first for “La La Land,” Emma’s capability to captivate audiences and critics alike is undeniable, solidifying her status not only as a talented actress but also as a style icon and a passionate advocate for important causes​​.

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#18 Alison Oliver

Sexiest Women 2023: Alison Oliver

Alison Oliver has quickly become a notable figure in the film industry, especially with her prominent role in the 2023 film “Saltburn,” directed by Emerald Fennell. This film features her in the role of Venetia Catton, where she delivers a standout performance in a story set against the backdrop of Oxford’s elite social circles​.

Her journey to fame began with her acclaimed performance as Frances in the miniseries “Conversations with Friends,” which premiered in 2022. This role marked her debut and earned her a spot on Variety’s “10 actors to watch” in 2023, highlighting her rapid rise in the acting world​.In addition to her screen roles, Oliver made her stage debut in London in 2023, appearing in productions such as “Women, Beware the Devil” at the Almeida Theatre, showcasing her versatility across different mediums​.

Off-screen, Alison leads a vegetarian lifestyle and resides in Peckham, London, which speaks to her personal life choices and her commitment to certain ethical standards​. Her early life in Cork, Ireland, and education at The Lir Academy, Trinity College Dublin, where she honed her acting skills, laid the foundation for her career​.

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#17 Lily James

Sexiest Women 2023: Lily James

Captivating audiences on the stage of the Harold Pinter Theatre, Lily James delivered a stellar performance in Penelope Skinner‘s play “Lyonesse.” Her portrayal added a sophisticated depth to her already diverse acting portfolio, highlighting her versatility and commitment to challenging roles.

At prestigious events such as the 2023 BAFTA awards, Lily continued to impress with her impeccable fashion sense. Her appearance in a standout gown not only turned heads but also cemented her status as a style and sex icon, seamlessly blending her on-screen charisma with her off-screen elegance. (WWD)

Her film role in “Finally Dawn” and her ongoing work in indie films highlight her dynamic acting range. Additionally, her continued advocacy for mental health adds a layer of depth to her public persona, making her presence in the industry both impactful and inspiring​.

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#16 Sadie Sink

Sexiest Women 2023: Sadie Sink

Sadie Sink firmly established herself as a versatile actress and a rising fashion icon last year, which justifies her spot on our list of the sexiest actresses of 2023. Sadie continued to captivate audiences with her performance in the final season of “Stranger Things,” where her role as Max Mayfield has been a significant part of her rising star status. Her character’s depth and resilience have been particularly noteworthy, resonating with fans and critics alike.

Beyond her television success, Sadie has also made strides in fashion and beauty. She became an international ambassador for Armani Beauty, joining ranks with notable figures such as Cate Blanchett. This role includes participating in major campaigns like the perfume campaign for Armani’s Sì, that launched in September 2023​​. Her involvement in high-profile fashion campaigns and her appearances at significant events, such as the Alexander McQueen Spring 2023 campaign, highlight her growing influence in the fashion industry and her ability to carry a strong presence both on-screen and off​.

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#15 Dakota Johnson

Sexiest Women 2023: Dakota Johnson

Taking on the enigmatic lead in the superhero film “Madame Web,” Dakota Johnson delved into the depths of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, showcasing her versatility in a role that, despite mixed reviews, was dubbed a “future cult classic.” This portrayal exemplifies her knack for choosing distinctive, character-rich roles that may grow in esteem as they age. (GQ)

In addition to her film work, Dakota expanded her presence in the fashion world by starring in Gucci’s Jackie 1961 bag campaign, captured on the streets of Los Angeles. This campaign highlights her ability to blend classic and modern styles seamlessly, reinforcing her status as a fashion icon.

And I don’t think anyone will ever forget her role in “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which is forever cemented in our minds when she perfectly blended innocence and sexiness.

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#14 Teagan Croft

Sexiest Women 2023: Teagan Croft

In “True Spirit,” Teagan Croft delivers a captivating performance as Jessica Watson, the youngest person to sail solo around the world. This Netflix film showcased not only her physical endurance but also her profound ability to convey deep emotional resilience, earning her wide acclaim. Her portrayal brought to life the adventurous spirit and determination of a remarkable young sailor, illustrating Teagan’s growing prowess as an actress and firmly places her on our hottest women list for 2023.

Additionally, Teagan continued her role in the popular series “Titans,” where she played the character Rachel Roth, also known as Raven. The series, which has been a staple of her career, concluded in 2023, marking the end of an important chapter in her acting journey​.

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#13 Margot Robbie

Sexiest Women 2023: Margo Robbie

The release of “Barbie,” directed by Greta Gerwig, marked a significant chapter in Margot Robbie‘s career. Portraying the titular character, Margot brought a new depth to the global icon, blending nostalgia with a modern twist. The film not only met but soared past expectations, sparking conversations about gender and identity in today’s society, thanks to its clever script and vibrant direction.

She absolutely captivated audiences worldwide and secured her place of any mention of the sexiest women in 2023.

Aside from her work in film, Margot continued to impress on the fashion front. She dazzled at various red carpet events, consistently earning praise for her stylish and sophisticated choices, which solidified her status as a fashion icon. This blend of her film roles and public appearances helped keep her in the spotlight. (Elle)

Moreover, Margot Robbie‘s influence extended beyond the screen as she continued her work as a producer. Her production company, LuckyChap Entertainment, has been involved in several projects that showcase her commitment to bringing diverse and compelling stories to the audience, underscoring her multifaceted career in the entertainment industry​. (HuffPost UK)​

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#12 Ana de Armas

Sexiest Women 2023: Ana de Armas

In the action-packed romantic comedy “Ghosted,” Ana de Armas dazzled audiences alongside Chris Evans, portraying a secret agent wrapped in a whirlwind of thrilling and humorous escapades. This role not only showcased her ability to seamlessly merge action with comedy but also highlighted her charisma and dynamic presence on screen.

Beyond her Hollywood endeavors, Ana’s performances have resonated across both English and Spanish-speaking audiences, thanks to her fluency in multiple languages. This linguistic versatility has allowed her to inhabit a diverse array of characters, enriching her filmography and endearing her to a global audience.

Off the set, Ana’s impeccable style makes her a frequent feature on 2023 best-dressed lists and sexiest actresses, where her fashion choices mirror the elegance she brings to her roles. An avid animal lover, Ana’s social media often lights up with moments shared with her beloved pets, offering fans a glimpse into the warm, genuine personality that complements her on-screen personas.

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#11 Kiernan Shipka

Sexiest Women 2023: Kiernan Shipka

Captivating audiences in the 1980s-set slasher comedy “Totally Killer,” Kiernan Shipka brought her unique charm and versatility to the role of Jamie Hughes/Colette. This film masterfully mixes horror, sci-fi, and comedy, showcasing Kiernan’s ability to navigate complex and divergent genres. Her performance was a key factor in the film’s success, earning praise for its fresh take on time-traveling and slasher elements.

On a more serious note, Kiernan took on a role in “White House Plumbers,” delving into the tense atmosphere of political intrigue during Nixon’s presidency. This shift to a dramatic series highlighted her range as an actress, offering a stark contrast to her lighter work in “Totally Killer” and demonstrating her adaptability and depth.

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#10 Millie Bobby Brown

Sexiest Women 2023: Millie Bobby Brown

For Millie Bobby Brown, our first top 10 sexiest actress, 2023 was a year filled with significant career milestones and exciting new roles that expanded her already impressive repertoire. 

She starred in “Damsel,” a Netflix fantasy film where she played Princess Elodie, who must use her wits to survive after being sacrificed to a dragon—a role that marked a significant shift towards strong, independent characters for Brown. The film, directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, has been noted for flipping the traditional damsel-in-distress narrative into a story of female empowerment​.

Additionally, Millie continued to build on her success in the film industry by taking on the lead role in “The Electric State,” a sci-fi film set to premiere on Netflix in 2024. Directed by the Russo brothers, this film sees her character traversing a dystopian American landscape, which highlights her versatility and ability to anchor large-scale productions.

Off the screen, Millie’s influence extends into fashion and social activism. She has been recognized for her stylish appearances on the red carpet and has been actively involved in various charitable causes, emphasizing her commitment to positive social impact​. 

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#9 Emma Watson

Sexiest Women 2023: Emma Watson

Marked by continued activism and new business ventures, Emma Watson solidified her influence both in and out of the acting world. She expanded her entrepreneurial activities by launching a ‘carbon-neutral’ gin brand called Renais gin with her brother, Alex, who has experience in the beverage industry​​. This move aligns with her longstanding commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices.

Emma’s impact on the fashion and film industries remains strong. Known for her roles in major films and her advocacy for gender equality, she has consistently used her platform to promote sustainable fashion, including her work with People Tree and her position on the board of Kering, a luxury brand group focused on high-end products that are environmentally responsible​.

Her involvement in activism continued as she has been a vocal advocate for gender equality, participating in initiatives like the UN Women’s HeForShe campaign, which she helped launch​. This dedication to social causes has made her an influential figure off-screen, as she leverages her fame to effect positive change.

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#8 Emily Rudd

Sexiest Women 2023: Emily Rudd

In 2023, Emily Rudd made significant strides in her acting career, notably playing Nami in the live-action Netflix series “One Piece.” Her dedication to this role was profound, involving three years of preparation including physically transforming herself to embody the character of Nami. This role allowed her to fulfill a dream job, deeply connecting with the character and the story, which was evident in her enthusiastic social media posts expressing gratitude for the opportunity​.

Her key role in “One Piece” solidified her ranking in IMDB’s top stars of 2023 and helped shoot her onto our top 10 sexiest actresses of 2023 list.

#7 Samara Weaving

Sexiest Women 2023: Samara Weaving

“Chevalier,” which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, not only won critical acclaim but also solidified Samara Weaving‘s reputation as a master of complex characters. Her performance, imbued with nuance and intensity, demonstrated her profound grasp of the dramatic arts and her ability to captivate audiences alongside co-star Kelvin Harrison Jr.

Earlier in the year, Weaving starred in “Scream VI,” where she deviated from typical roles by playing a character that wasn’t just another damsel in distress. This role allowed her to showcase a different kind of strength and complexity, further diversifying her acting portfolio​.

Weaving’s year was also punctuated by her dedication to environmental conservation and her impactful presence on social media, where she engages a substantial following. These activities complement her acting career, showing her as a well-rounded personality committed to both her craft and global issues​.

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#6 Penelope Cruz

Sexiest Women 2023: Penelope Cruz

The spotlight at the Met Gala 2023 found a familiar star, Penélope Cruz, whose stunning appearance left an indelible mark on fashion aficionados worldwide. Her ensemble not only turned heads but also accentuated her perennial charm and elegance, a testament to her influence in the fashion sphere.

Her film career remained robust with her role in the movie “Ferrari,” for which she was honored at the Palm Springs International Film Festival with the “Variety Creative Impact in Acting Award,” acknowledging her continued impact and prowess in acting​.

Penélope’s engagements extended beyond the silver screen into major brand endorsements, including a high-profile campaign with Emirates, which spoke to her lasting allure in the global advertising arena. This partnership illustrated how seamlessly she bridges cinema and commerce, resonating with audiences and brands alike.

Beyond her professional life, Penélope’s personal life also captured public interest. She is married to actor Javier Bardem, and together they have two children, balancing her busy career with a fulfilling family life​. Penélope’s multilingual abilities and her work across various film markets underscore her versatility and global appeal​.

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#5 Kaitlyn Dever

Sexiest Women 2023: Kaitlyn Dever

Taking on some of her most challenging roles yet, 2023 saw Kaitlyn Dever showcase her impressive range and solidifying her status as a powerhouse in the acting world. In the thriller “No One Will Save You,” she captivated audiences with her portrayal of a homebody who confronts an alien threat, a role that played perfectly into her knack for portraying intense, layered characters.

Furthermore, Kaitlyn was cast as Abby in the second season of the critically acclaimed series “The Last of Us,” a role that has garnered much attention due to its complexity and the character’s pivotal place in the storyline. This role is expected to showcase her ability to embody deeply complex characters, enhancing her status as a leading actress and one of the hottest women in Hollywood​​​ (Yahoo)​.

In addition to her acting, Kaitlyn is also known for her musical talents. She is part of the musical duo Beulahbelle with her sister. This aspect of her career highlights her creative versatility and her ability to connect with audiences through different artistic mediums​.

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#4 Talia Ryder

Sexiest Women 2023: Talia Ryder

With her captivating performance in “The Sweet East,” showcased at the Cannes Film Festival, 2023 marked a pivotal year for Talia Ryder. In this road trip comedy, she played a high school senior embarking on a transformative journey along the Eastern seaboard, a role that earned her widespread acclaim for its authenticity and charm.

Talia’s talents extend beyond acting; she also lent her voice to the film’s soundtrack, blending her musical skills with her cinematic pursuits. This dual contribution highlighted her artistic versatility, enriching her character’s resonance and showcasing her as a multifaceted artist (Numéro Netherlands)​.

Beyond her film roles, Talia’s involvement in fashion and her role as a global ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent underscore her influence off-screen as well. Her stylish appearances and engagement in high fashion reflect her broad appeal, versatility, and sexiness.

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#3 Jennifer Lawrence

Sexiest Women 2023: Jennifer Lawrence

Her lead role in the comedy film “No Hard Feelings,” where she played Maddie, was a highlight for Jennifer Lawrence, our top 3 entry of the sexiest women in 2023. She plays a character who takes on an unusual job from helicopter parents to help their introverted son before college. The film, directed by Gene Stupnitsky, combines humor with unique situational comedy, showcasing Lawrence’s comedic talent​.

Beyond her film roles, Jennifer Lawrence continues to be a prominent figure in Hollywood, known for her versatility in both independent dramas and major film franchises. Her films have grossed over $6 billion worldwide, and she was the world’s highest-paid actress in 2015 and 2016. She has also been a strong advocate for women’s rights and founded the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation, which supports various charitable causes​.

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Lawrence’s influence extends beyond her acting, as she is an active member of the nonpartisan nonprofit anti-corruption organization RepresentUs, where she has served as a spokesperson​. Her role in “No Hard Feelings” and her ongoing activism highlight her dynamic career.

They demonstrate her commitment to both her craft and societal issues. And it’s why she tops so many list of sexiest women alive today.

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#2 Angourie Rice

Sexiest Women 2023: Angourie Rice

Marked by significant roles that showcased her versatility as an actress, it’s easy to see why Angourie Rice made our list of sexiest women for 2023. She starred in the Apple TV+ miniseries “The Last Thing He Told Me,” playing the role of Bailey Michaels, a teenager navigating the complexities of family mysteries and new familial bonds. This role allowed her to explore deep emotional layers and further establish her acting credentials​.

In addition to her acting projects, Angourie is set to appear in the film adaptation of the musical “Mean Girls,” where she takes on a leading role, promising to bring a fresh take to the beloved story. This role is anticipated to resonate well with both fans of the original film and the Broadway adaptation, highlighting her capability to adapt to diverse genres​.

Beyond her screen appearances, Angourie Rice is also deeply involved in creative pursuits off-screen. She co-wrote a book with her mother, showcasing her literary talent, and she hosts a podcast that delves into the nuances of storytelling and critical reading, reflecting her passion for literature and discussion​. (Numéro Netherlands)​

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#1 Jenna Ortega

Sexiest Women 2023: Jenna Ortega

Was there anyone more smoking hot than Jenna Ortega in 2023? Is anyone truly surprised she tops our list of the sexiest actresses of 2023?

She had a standout year, marked by significant roles that underscored her versatility and growing impact in Hollywood. She reprised her role as Tara Carpenter in “Scream VI,” continuing her involvement in the iconic horror franchise. This role followed her acclaimed performance in the previous installment, further establishing her as a prominent figure in contemporary horror films​.

Additionally, Jenna took on a brand new challenge by joining the cast of “Beetlejuice 2,” where she stars alongside Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder. In this highly anticipated sequel directed by Tim Burton, Jenna plays a new character named Astrid, adding a fresh dynamic to the beloved storyline. The film promises to blend classic elements with new twists, appealing to both fans of the original and new audiences.

Sexiest Women 2023: Jenna Ortega is Smoking Hot

2023 also saw Jenna continue her portrayal of Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series “Wednesday.” Her performance has been pivotal to the show’s success, bringing a new depth to the iconic character with a performance that balances dark humor with a complex emotional undertone.

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