'Vikings' Cast Interviews: More Raids and Romance in Season 2
'Vikings' Cast Interviews: More Raids and Romance in Season 2
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Vikings will soon sail back onto our screens on the History Channel, bringing with it plenty of drama and complications for our favorite warriors. As the first season ended, Ragnar had finally sailed west but at a steep cost. With bloody battles and family drama in store, season two looks to be even more action-packed.

BuddyTV was lucky enough to sit down with the impressively tall cast of Vikings at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 to talk about their favorite moments from season one and what's next when their Viking alter-egos go back into battle for season two: 

Travis Fimmel and Clive Standen Discuss Sibling Rivalry 

Highlights from the interview: 

  •  It was incredibly loud in the press room, so the audio is unfortunately tough to hear. Also if you notice the cast looks a bit tired, it's because they flew in specifically for Comic-Con and were soon flying back to resume shooting season two.
  • Since we were at Comic-Con a reporter asked about characters like Thor and Loki. Standen answered that The Punisher is his favorite comic book character. 
  • Fimmel's reaction to a reporter's mention of the late television series Tarzan is pretty classic.
  • Fimmel likes to play Ragnar as enjoying the adventure and enjoying himself, even though the Vikings do a lot of horrible stuff.
  • Is there any music that gets them into the Vikings mindset? Standen says he uses music to connect emotionally to things.
  • Meanwhile Fimmel points out that one of the reporters tape recorders looks like a breathalyzer. 
  • Fimmel was amazed by the fan response at Comic-Con, since they spend most of their time away from the limelight shooting in Ireland. 
  • Standen says Rollo stays on his brother's side always. "Wellllll..." Fimmel points out. Rollo will find himself dealing with some repercussions in season two.
  • On Ragnar's relationship with Athelstan, a reporter points out he offered him as a sacrifice to the gods. "Oh but I knew he wasn't going to pass!" 
  • "As an actor it's always great to have a lot of conflict," Fimmel says of his character's changing relationship with his family.
  •  "She's not very understanding," Fimmel jokes about Lagertha's reaction to Aslaug. "You know a lot of guys back then had many wives."
  •  "There's more boats, there's more fights, there are bigger battles. It's the golden age of the Vikings now," Standen said. Both point out that the show doesn't have a huge budget, so their battle scenes are amazing from that perspective.
  • Is Ragnar looking for world domination? Fimmel says he's looking for land and crops. "He's still got a bit of ego though."
  • With Vikings as a show that moves the narrative fast, is it ever hard to keep track of their characters? According to Fimmel, the hardest part is that they don't shoot in order across the season. 

Katheryn Winnick and Jessalyn Gilsig Talk Being Awesome Viking Ladies

Highlights from the interview: 

  • Winnick was amazed by the fans and the passion shown at Comic-Con. "You kind of forget when you're in Ireland. Seeing all the fans is overwhelming." 
  • There's a desire for the show to be the best in every department, according to Gilsig. "It really blows our mind every day," she said. If you come to set with a really intense scene, everyone knows it and is ready.
  • A reporter asks what it's like to play these historical women and know what it was like for women of the time period. Winnick points out that Lagertha was a real historical figure, and Viking shield maidens were really allowed to fight beside the men and fight beside their husbands. 
  • Winnick says there's a lot of strength shown by the women in subtle ways throughout the show. 
  • Gilsig points out that Siggy didn't talk much in season one, but actor Gabriel Byrne started their first scene by looking at her. "If you're in a scene there's a reason you're there," she said. "What Michael [Hirst] knows is that if a woman is in the room, she has an opinion. And that's been true since the beginning of time." 
  • Winnick points out that Lagertha went through a lot in the first season and especially the season finale. She liked that creator Michael Hirst went for a quieter finale where the cliffhangers are based on the storylines and relationships. 
  • What Gilsig likes about the relationship between Siggy and Lagertha is that Siggy sees Lagertha as so innocent. "It's the first time for Lagertha, but Siggy has so much knowledge and has been through so much." They're in such different phases of their lives. 
  • What gets them in the Viking mindset? The hair and wardrobe have become like a ritual, according to Winnick. "And everywhere you look there are Vikings!" Gilsig said. "If some guy shows up in a suit it's like an alien on our set." 

Vikings season two premieres February 27th at 10pm on the History Channel. 

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