'Under the Dome' Season 2 Premiere Recap: No One is Safe from the Dome's Wrath
'Under the Dome' Season 2 Premiere Recap: No One is Safe from the Dome's Wrath
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The season 2 premiere of Under the Dome wastes no time letting us know that no one is safe in the dome. While Big Jim finds himself with a lot more enemies and haunted by Dodie's ghost, Julia and Barbie fight to save the rest of Chester's Mill from the dome's wrath. Meanwhile, new residents of the town are introduced that could play a pivotal role in explaining the mystery of the dome.

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The Dome Becomes Magnetic

When we last left Chester's Mill, Big Jim had ordered the execution of Barbie, who is accused of killing people in the town. However, it seems the dome has other things in mind, as after Julia drops the egg into a lake, it sets off pink stars as well as mysterious lights, piercing noises and magnetic pulses. In the first round of pulses, half the town passes out, as metal objects go flying through the air attaching themselves to the dome. Despite the destruction, Big Jim tells Junior to hang Barbie, but Junior can't do it. So Big Jim, Junior, Barbie and Sheriff Linda head to the dome's edge to find out what's going on. As they get closer, the dome starts attracting all the metal on and around them. Linda gets killed as an SUV slams her into the dome.

On the other side of town, Angie, Norrie and Joe try to rescues Norrie's mom from their home as metal objects keep flying around. They get trapped inside when Barbie and his new science teacher friend Rebecca Pine see them and save everyone just before the house crumbles. Rebecca explains to everyone about the dome's pulses and how it's affecting not only the metal objects, but people's brainwaves, which is why half the town is passed out. They decide to build a giant magnet to counteract the dome's pulses and stabilize the town. However, just before it gets to work, another pulse comes out and knocks out almost the rest of the town.

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New Faces Show Up in Chester's Mill

Fresh off of dropping the egg in the lake, Julia sees a girl drowning and tries to save her. A mystery man, Sam Verdreaux, comes to her rescue and brings them to his log cabin away from civilization. He patches Julia up and offers to look after the mystery girl. However, mystery girl wanders around Chester's Mill in a sleep-like trance. After Julia leaves to help the rest of the town, Sam takes out a scrapbook that has handprints as well as a sketch of the mystery girl.

Turns out, Sam is actually Junior's uncle and Big Jim's brother-in-law. It's clear that the two don't get along. Meanwhile, Junior finds it no coincidence that Sam showed up, especially since he had a dream about his mother, Pauline, while he was under the dome's spell. We later see that Pauline is alive, just outside of the dome -- painting random things that will probably show up at some point in the near future.

And as far as the mystery girl, she's obviously going to be a big part of this season. Just as the dome releases its hold on the town, she heads to the dome's edge, holds Linda and apologizes to her. She then keeps wandering around when Angie follows her to the school. When Angie tries to speak to her, she runs away. Angie looks into the locker mystery girl was looking into and is shocked, and as she turns around, she gets hit with a metal tool and blood spatters everywhere.

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The Fall of Big Jim and the Rise of Junior

It seems that after the dome gets angry at the town, residents start to turn on Big Jim, including his own son. Seeking safety and protection, Big Jim heads to his cellar, only to be trapped inside with the ghost of Dodie, who tells him he's no good and selfish. After escaping, he heads into the center of town to find that Junior has passed out from the pulses. The ghost of Linda appears and tells him the same thing. She adds that the only way to save Chester's Mill and his son is for him to take his own life -- make the ultimate sacrifice.

Julia and Barbie make it back into town as well, and just before Julia pulls the lever to hang Big Jim, she realizes that the dome doesn't want them to keep killing each other, but rather it wants them to stop killing each other. She saves Big Jim, and all of a sudden the dome clears up and people start waking up. Big Jim vows to make some changes around town -- which seems to please the dome. Junior and Angie don't seem convinced and are still angry with him, though. During a fight with Big Jim over the presence of Sam, Junior informs him that he'll be referred to as James from now on.

There are a lot of unanswered questions in the Under the Dome season 2 premiere. I have to say that as cheesy as this show is, it kept me interested and kind of left me wanting more. I have to wonder just how many main characters will get killed off this season. I wasn't sure adding another season to the miniseries was a good idea, but the introduction of Eddie Cahill's Sam and Sherry Stringfield's Pauline should be interesting, as I do like both of those actors. I like the mystery surrounding Sam and look forward to that storyline. I also like the conflict between father and son. Last season, I was getting tired of Junior, but I think I like where this is going.

I do have to wonder, though, what exactly does the dome want? Is it all just an experiment to make people get along? The news report that Pauline had on was very interesting. I'm pretty pumped to see where this season will go.

Under the Dome airs Mondays at 10pm on CBS.

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