Ugly Betty: Writer/Producer Silvio Horta Answers Fan Questions
Ugly Betty: Writer/Producer Silvio Horta Answers Fan Questions
Ugly Betty's writer and producer Silvio Horta responded to fans' questions on Variety's Season Pass earlier this week.  He received many queries, but only some were chosen.  He spent some time poring over all that was sent to him, and was very patient and humble enough to reply. 

One of the first things Horta chose to answer was the similarities of his version of the show to the international adaptations.  He said that Ugly Betty was based on the Colombian show, Yo Soy Betty La Fea, which translates to “I am Betty the ugly one.”  However, Horta's Betty has a personality that makes her stand out.  “[S]he is vastly different. This comes from cultural differences, my writing choices, America Ferrera's acting choices, and so on.  The shape and premise of the series is the same, but the characters, their stories, their voice, etc. are different.” 

Since Ugly Betty is known for its many special guest star appearances, Horta was asked which celebrities he wanted to have on the show.  Many would definitely agree with his decision.

“I've always dreamed of having Meryl Streep play a villainous counterpart to Vanessa Williams' brilliant portrayal of Wilhelmina.  I have a hunch that these two actors would work magnificently together in these roles,” he exclaimed. 

On a rather spoiler-y but touching note, Horta answered the question of what Daniel gave Betty for her birthday in the episode “24 Candles.”  Horta explained that he was disappointed when that scene was cut, but it was necessary because of time constraints. 

Revealing the contents of the scene, he says, “After an excruciating day at work, which happened to be her birthday, Betty unwinds with Ignacio, who remembers to give Betty a gift from Daniel—he dropped it off a couple of weeks ago because, "He just wanted to make sure he didn't forget."  Betty opens the gift to find a Shakespeare anthology.  Inside there's an inscription: "Looks like you share a birthday with another great writer… Happy Birthday, Betty. Love, Daniel."  The gift worked on many levels because Betty was writing an article for Mode at the time and it showed how much Daniel really cares about her.” 

There are obviously a lot of changes going on in Ugly Betty, and one thing that many took note of is Betty's wardrobe.  Horta confirms how the character is developing.  “Betty's new wardrobe illustrates the changes Betty is making in her life — not the changes Mode is making in Betty's life.  That is to say, Betty is evolving — she's growing up according to her own ideals, but she's changing nevertheless.  Betty has strong morals and a strong character, thus her evolution is not a compromise.  It represents her own personal growth as a person.” 

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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