'Ugly Betty' Star Prescribes Work as Prevention for Trouble
'Ugly Betty' Star Prescribes Work as Prevention for Trouble
Members of Young Hollywood who insist on living the high life and staying on the fast lane would do well to heed some simple words of wisdom from the Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning star of Ugly BettyAmerica Ferrera, who plays the title role of Betty Suarez, tells other young actresses like herself to work more and play less.

Unlike many of her contemporaries in the entertainment world, Ugly Betty's America Ferrera seems to shine in the spotlight for her acting skills and commendable behavior.  On the other hand, other young stars like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan seem to match their meteoric rise to fame with equally devastating falls to disgrace and humiliation.

For Ferrera, the key to staying out of trouble is to be more occupied and involved with one's career instead of the party circuit.  According to the 23-year old actress, everyone would be in less trouble if they'd only focus themselves and devote more of their time and energy on work instead of extracurricular social activities.

Ferrera herself wonders how today's other young stars even manage their hard partying after spending hours on the set of film, television and live projects.

"I can't get into trouble because I'm working all the time,” the Ugly Betty star pointed out.  “I'm too busy working and focusing on what I'm doing to be out partying.”

"My advice to anyone who gets into too much trouble is, get a job!” Ferrera added.

In other news, not only is America Ferrera keeping her name clean by avoiding the pitfalls that have swallowed other young celebrities, she has become recognized as fine example of young people and a prime ambassador for Hispanics and members of the Latin community.  Ferrera was recently honored as a Latina Leader by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute for her contributions to the Latina community.  The actress took time off from her busy Ugly Betty schedule to receive the award last Tuesday, October 2 at the Washington Convention Center.  Ferrera is included in the Hispanic Business Magazine's list of the 100 Most Influential Hispanics for 2007.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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