'Ugly Betty' Returns Tonight with New Episodes
'Ugly Betty' Returns Tonight with New Episodes
The day has finally arrived!  Fans are already counting down to 8pm tonight as ABC's Ugly Betty hits the airwaves with fresh new episodes that will continue where season 2 left off before the WGA writers' strike.  Tonight's episode, entitled "24 Candles," will not just feature Betty Suarez's (America Ferrera) return, but her birthday as well.  Our favorite Mode girl has just turned 24, and she'll be receiving some surprises for her birthday. In fact, it seems like Betty isn't the only one to receive some surprises, as Claire Meade is into some financial problems.

Read on for some sneak peeks at tonight's episode of Ugly Betty.

Previously on Ugly Betty, we saw how Claire Meade (Judith Light) planned to have her own magazine under the Mode umbrella.  We also saw Daniel (Eric Mabius) hooking up with none other than Wilhemina Slater's (Vanessa Williams) sister and Amanda's (Becki Newton) efforts to meet her father, Gene Simmons himself.

Tonight on Ugly Betty, Claire's efforts of launching her magazine ensue, but it seems that the winds of fate are blowing against her.  In fact, Alexis (Rebecca Romjin) herself says it--she can't put in any more money into Claire's magazine.  What is the Meade family to do now that a financial crisis has hit home?

Meanwhile, our dear birthday celebrant heads to Henry's (Christopher Gorham) place for a weekend out of town, but Charlie conveniently shows up, saying that she's staying--you guessed it right--for the weekend!  What happens now to our romantic getaway?  We'll find out tonight.  First, check out this clip of Betty's awkward encounter with Charlie and Henry.

Also, Wilhemina will be paying a short visit to Daniel, whose hostility shows when he tries to slam the door in her face more than once!  Wilhemina warns Daniel of her sister, Renee, whom he is currently dating.  Wilhemina mysteriously tells him to "ask her about Stony Brook" if he really wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery behind Renee.

To catch all of these exciting developments, tune in to ABC tonight at 8pm for a fresh new episode of Ugly Betty.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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