Ugly Betty: Preview of Episode 4.06 "Backseat Betty"
Ugly Betty: Preview of Episode 4.06 "Backseat Betty"
Who would've thought the Ugly Betty changes would go this far?  Betty (America Ferrera) turns bad girl on tonight's episode as she tries to impress her teenage crush.  She goes wild - driving fast, drinking too much (Ice Slushes, yes) and even getting a tattoo.  A temporary one, that is.

On "Backseat Betty," we meet Bobby Talercio (Adam Rodriguez), a teacher at Justin's school.  He's the badboy that Hilda (Ana Ortiz) dated back in high school, and Betty's got her eye on him.  Again.

The two sisters begin to doubt their feelings for "nice guys" and being with Bobby certainly causes some comic conflict among them.  Betty starts taking too many risks with him, but will that be enough for her to get Bobby's attention?

Meanwhile, Justin (Mark Indelicato) is having a tough time fitting in at high school.  He asks Marc (Michael Urie) for advice again, but this could prove disastrous.  Marc tells him to befriend the mean girls of the school, such as the cheerleaders.  One of them is Ava, played by guest star Bonnie Dennison.

Back at Mode, Daniel (Eric Mabius) gets Amanda involved with the Community of the Phoenix.  While she's pretty excited at this new experience, someone isn't.  Natalie (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) worries that she'll be an obstacle to her plans, so she does what it takes to get Amanda (Becki Newton) out of the picture.

As Daniel is drawn deeper into the clutches of Bennett (Dylan Baker) and Natalie, another story unfolds in the office.  Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) decides to do something drastic to acquire money for Nico's (YaYa Dacosta) blackmail payment.

Below, you can watch the promo for tonight's episode of Ugly Betty, titled "Backseat Betty."  Of course, we're familiar with the expression that the title is mimicking.  It refers to a woman with a promiscuous temperament.  But will Betty turn into one too?

Don't forget to watch tonight's episode of Ugly Betty as it airs tonight at 9pm on ABC.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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