Lindsay Lohan's Guest-Appearance on 'Ugly Betty' Still Possible
Lindsay Lohan's Guest-Appearance on 'Ugly Betty' Still Possible
It's been nearly four months since reports first came out about Lindsay Lohan's possible guest-starring appearance on ABC's Ugly Betty, but with the strike now over and still no deal in place, chances of seeing the singer-actress on the hit comedy series are getting slimmer and slimmer.

Despite this, and the possibility that writers will be dropping other guest stars and subplots to properly wrap up Ugly Betty's third season, show actor Tony Plana, who portrays Betty's (America Ferrera) devoted father Ignacio Suarez, isn't closing the book on Lohan's appearance.

"As far as I know, we're still talking to her,” Plana told TV Guide at the Body Language Sportswear store opening in Los Angeles.

Last year, Lohan's publicist told the New York Post that the actress is “totally looking forward to” taking on a guest-starring role on the series.

"She loves the show," the publicist told the New York Post.  "[She] was flattered there was interest in her.”

While a deal had not been finalized then, the actress was reportedly talking “character points” with the show.  Apparently, Lohan was poised to play a Betty's old high school classmate who manages the fast-food joint where Ignacio is employed.  The actress apparently “loved” the idea.

Tony Plana himself was happy about the storyline, because not only would it give him the chance to interact with Lohan, it also wasn't predictable nor cliché.

"She was going to be somewhat involved in [Ignacio's] world, which I like," Tony Plana told TV Guide.  "The predictable thing would be to have her involved in the fashion world...  So I was happy.  I think it would have given her a whole different kind of thing to play."

While things are still up in the air for Lohan's Ugly Betty appearance, it is certain that the show will be coming back with five brand-new episodes next month.  The first post-strike installment will air on Thursday, April 24.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: TV Guide
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