Exclusive UFC 79 Interview: Doug Evans, MMA Fighter
Exclusive UFC 79 Interview: Doug Evans, MMA Fighter
MMA Fighter Doug Evans will face Mark Bocek at UFC 79 on Saturday, December 29th. Evans took some time out between training to sit down with BuddyTV to discuss his career, life, and how he’s been preparing for his upcoming fight.

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Hi, I'm Rob Symington with BuddyTV, and I'm here with Doug Evans today. How are you doing Doug?

Good, how are you doing Rob?

I'm doing great. It's really good to have you as an interview guest today, and I'm looking forward to watching your upcoming fight against Mark Bocek. Where are you doing your training now?

I still train in Anchorage, Alaska with the Anchorage Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym, and the team is The Wolfpack.

What does a typical day of training look like for you right now?

I'm doing about six days a week, anywhere between 20 to 25 hours a week. I work everything on my jiu-jitsu really hard, and boxing, wrestling. I'm just working all aspects of the game to be ready for wherever the fight may go.

How are you feeling about everything? Are you feeling like you're coming into this fight a hundred percent so far?

Yeah, absolutely. I had an injury awhile back that held me out of a fight back in October, so I'm recovering from that. I'm healthy, training's been going great. I'm just keeping focused at the task at hand. I'm ready to go man.

So what do you know about Mark Bocek? Do you know anything about him as a fighter?

Yeah, I've watched a couple of his fights that I've been able to find on him. I see that he's a really good jiu-jitsu guy. I don't believe that his boxing is as good as mine, and I definitely know that his wrestling's not as good as mine, so as long as I can stay out of a submission I'll win this fight for sure.

That's exactly what I was just going to ask you. He's known for his grappling and takedowns, and you're known for your ground and pound. Do you think you're going to try to keep it standing?

Definitely, for awhile. I don't think I want to go on the ground with him when he's fresh, because his grappling is so great, but I do believe that my wrestling will be able to control the fight and where it's gonna go. If I need to take him down to finish the fight, I'll be able to. If I need to stay on my feet and keep boxing him, I'll be able to do the same there too.

What's your prediction for the fight? How are you going to finish him?

I'm gonna finish him knock out or TKO. It will not get past the second round. I'm hoping to do it in the first, but most likely the second round is where it's gonna end.

Do you have any rituals or anything that you do for good luck before all your fights?

You know, I'm a very religious man, so I just pray. God is the source of all my powers, Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, and he's the one that's gonna comfort me and keep my mind and strength together in the game to be able to perform as best I can.

Have you picked out which song you're going to walk out to yet?

I have a song. It's by an artist called Lecrae and the song's called "Souled Out." I love it, because at the beginning he shares a Bible scripture, Romans 1:16, which is "I'm not afraid of the gospel of Jesus Christ, because I'm not." It really gets me pumped up, and it's just a great song.

Alright, well we'll look out for that and see if they play that for you. Who are your favorite mixed martial artists to watch currently?

I really like Chuck Liddell, in fact he's probably my most favorite mixed martial artist. It's kind of starting to change now that I'm in the UFC, because I'm getting to meet these guys and I'm starting to find out how cool they really are. The guys I've never really gotten to meet, like Evan Tanner, great guy. It's really a great experience.

Are you looking forward to Chuck Liddell fighting Wanderlei Silva?

Oh absolutely, that's going to be a good fight. I think Chuck's going to take it, but it's going to be a war for him, that's for sure.

On the 29th, that's definitely a huge card that you're fighting on, so it's going to be pretty exciting. What is your favorite thing to do besides fighting? Any hobbies?

I absolutely love spending time with my family. I have a beautiful son, he's 19 months old, and my wife. Training takes me away from them a lot, and I really miss them. I look forward to fighting, that way I can take a little bit of a break afterwards and just kind of spend some time at home with them.

Do you also work outside of the UFC, or are you just doing the UFC right now?

I'm still employed. I work for UPS here in Anchorage. I work as a sorter, so I've gotta be able to have medical benefits still.

Yeah, definitely. Well, hopefully they give you a little bit of a break after your fights.

Yeah, I'll take a quick break and then I'll get right back in training. After I win this fight, I'm hoping to fight three months out, that's what I'd like to do. That way I can still have great camps, get a good rest, have great camp, fight hard again.

Is there anyone in particular who you'd like to see in the Octagon again? Maybe a rematch against Roger Huerta?

Absolutely, everyone wants to avenge their losses. I'd love to fight Roger again. I don't see that feasible in the near future, and I understand why. He's still moving up the ladder and I'm still at the bottom, so I know that'll be a time away. Right now I don't have my eyes set on anybody, I'm just taking one fight at a time and hopefully they'll just keep matching me up with those great guys.

Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?

I'd just love to say thank you to everybody for supporting me. Prayers are always needed on my side, and God bless everybody.

Well Doug, I really want to thank you for your time today. From all of us at BuddyTV, we wish you much luck on December 29, and we're looking forward to watching you go up against Mark. Thanks Doug.

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.

-Interview conducted by Rob Symington
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