'Teen Wolf': When Will We Find Out About Lydia? And Winter Premiere Date Announced
'Teen Wolf': When Will We Find Out About Lydia? And Winter Premiere Date Announced
Monday's emotional and shocking Teen Wolf death left fans wondering what's next for Derek's vulnerable pack. Not to mention what's ahead for Scott after showing his red eyed alpha powers. Today the cast and executive producers discussed Teen Wolf, Season 3 at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. Keep reading for more.

Who's Here: 

Tyler Posey (Scott) 
Crystal Reed (Allison)
Dylan O'Brien (Stiles) 
Tyler Hoechlin (Derek)
Holland Roden (Lydia) 
Daniel Sharman (Issac) 
Charlie Carver (Ethan) 
Max Carver (Aidan)
Jeff Davis (Executive Producer) 

The stars came out looking genuinely stunned by the loud cheers and filled seats of Ballroom 20, a big room upgrade from last season before dishing on the rest of the first half of season 3. 

Premiere Date
We still have a several episodes left of the first half of Season 3 but Teen Wolf returns this winter on January 6. So mark your calendars. Jeff Davis has written two of those episodes so far. 

And a couple spoilers: Danny will cross paths with the supernatural and a new mythology based on Kitsune will be explored. Kitsune is Japanese and deals with shapeshifters. 

We will also be introduced to new character, Kira, which they are casting now. 

What is Lydia? 

A question we've all been asking for a while and the wait for an answer is almost over. Episode 9, "The Girl Who Knew Too Much" will reveal what Lydia is. Also, the title, is a homage to Hitchcock. 

Stiles and His V Card

The virgin sacrifices are over, and the question of Stiles' virginity will be answered in an upcoming episode. 

Derek's Past

On Monday's episode we'll be flashing back to Derek's past, where we'll learn more about the color of werewolves' eyes and why they're different colors. 

Hoechlin has really enjoyed this season, calling it the most exciting. He's thrilled to explore his more vulnerable side, finding out more about his past and his romantic side. 

The True Alpha 

Davis found it interesting to do another take on the alpha mentality. The idea that a Beta could rise to an Alpha based on the merit of his character, rather than steal it. He gives a lot of credit to Posey for playing the hero because sometimes it isn't the most glamorous, up against the villains and sidekicks but he pulls it off. 

As a final note, Davis mentioned that episode 3.10 is "Die Hard" in a hospital and there's a lot of twists and turns yet to come. Relationships get complicated...and how some end tragically (or not).

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10pm on MTV.


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