'Two and a Half Men' Season 10 Spoiler: Kandi Returns with Seduction in Mind
'Two and a Half Men' Season 10 Spoiler: Kandi Returns with Seduction in Mind
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Two and a Half Men season 10 has been pulling off a lot of fun surprises and it looks like the hit CBS comedy has another one up its sleeve. Somebody's old flame is going to be returning to the show and she's got seduction on her mind. 

The guys have just survived the return of crazy Rose, but that doesn't mean they're going to get much of a chance to recover before they've got some new problems to deal with. 

TV Guide reports that April Bowlby will be returning to Malibu in the next couple weeks, in an episode set to air on November 29. Bowlby will again reprise her role as Kandi, Charlie's actress/lover and Alan's second wife. The actress first played the role of Kandi for 15 episodes from 2005-07 and is now back in 2012 to stir up some trouble. 

Word on the streets (or online, whichever you listen to) is that Kandi will be returning to seduce one of the regulars on the show. So far, everyone over at Two and a Half Men is keeping mum on just who she'll hop into bed with, but there's really only five people it could possibly be:

Alan (who is doing really well in his relationship with Lyndsey) Lyndsey (who is reportedly not too happy about Kandi's return) Jake (who will apparently catch an STD in the episode) Walden (who will be starstruck by Kandi) Berta (who will receive a special birthday gift in the episode)

So who will Kandi end up doing the deed with when the episode is over? Bowlby's not telling, but she reports that she and her co-star got very comfortable during the scene, which was shot without a studio audience. "We found our post-coital position and it was very quick and cozy," says Bowlby. "When the truth comes out, I'm sure this will all blow up in everyone's faces."

As for Kandi, the last we saw of her she was auditioning for a TV cop show called Stiffs. How did it go? Well it turns out that she booked the role and, according to Bowlby, "moved to New York and became a big star.There's definitely been an evolution for Kandi, who is now choosing who she wants to go after, because she thinks she can have it all."

Wow, talk about some tantalizing news. What do you think about the latest spoiler from Two and a Half Men? Who do you think Kandi will seduce into her bed? 

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