'Twin Peaks' Recap: How Does Janey-E Deal with Dougie's Debt?
'Twin Peaks' Recap: How Does Janey-E Deal with Dougie's Debt?
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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In this episode of Twin Peaks, titled "The Return, Part 6," Janey-E deals with Dougie's debt, a member of the Horne family commits a heinous crime and Cooper receives another message from the One-Armed Man.

Six episodes in, and it's obvious that season 3 of Twin Peaks isn't for newbies. This is a love letter to die-hard fans of the show -- the people who dedicated many, many, many hours to watching and re-watching the original series, the film Fire Walk with Me, who have read The Secret History of Twin Peaks and The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, and who've scoured the Internet reading and either embracing or rejecting fan theories. These are David Lynch acolytes. I am not one of these people, so season 3 has given me the opportunity to take a crash course in all things "Lynchian" so I can try to make sense of this truly bizarre and sometimes off-putting show. Let's see what sense we can make of this latest episode.

Time to Wake Up

Outside of Dougie's work, night has fallen, and Good Cooper remains planted near the base of a statue. A security guard approaches Cooper, asking who he is and where he lives. Cooper becomes fascinated with the man's badge. One thing is clear: certain items like guns, shoes and coffee resonate with Cooper -- clues to his former identity and existence.

The guard is able to get Dougie/Cooper home, and he tells Janey-E that her husband seems disoriented, and she responds that his behavior is him having "a good day." Janey-E decides it's time for Dougie to see Dr. Ben for a check-up. She sends him upstairs to say goodnight to Sonny Jim, who continues to be amused by his father's behavior.

Janey-E discovers an envelope that was left on the doorstep that contains a picture of Dougie with Jade. She confronts Cooper, who is too clueless to do much other than confirm that he recognizes the prostitute.

The phone rings, and a man asked to speak to Dougie. Janey-E says her husband is indisposed, and the caller asks if she got the envelope. He also informs her that Dougie owes him $50,000. The man says Dougie should have the money on him when he returns to work, but Janey-E offers to meet him herself, telling him she'll be at a local park at 12:30 p.m. carrying a red purse. She hangs up and accuses Dougie of making a mess of their lives. She also wants to know what happened to his car and his wallet. Cooper fails to offer up any kind of response or explanation. Janey-E insists that Dougie get to work on the case files that he brought home, kisses him on the forehead and goes upstairs to tuck in Sonny Jim.

As Cooper stares blankly at the files, he sees a vision of the One-Armed Man, who tells Cooper that he has to wake up. He also says, "Don't die," multiple times. This message fails to rouse Cooper from his stupor. He goes back to working, and as he goes through the paperwork, he's guided by several small green dots. But all Cooper does is scribble on the pages.

Agent Albert Rosenfield arrives at a bar to meet a woman named Diane (Laura Dern).

Fat Trout Carl and the Hit and Run

In part five, viewers were introduced to a shady character who appeared to be doing a drug deal with one of the Twin Peaks' deputies. It turns out he's Richard Horne. We don't know yet how he's related to the rest of the Horne family, but a popular theory is that he could be Audrey's son.

Richard meets with his supplier -- a cagey Canadian named Red (Balthazar Getty). Red asks Richard if he has things under control, and Richard tries to assure him he does. Red says there's one problem. He doesn't know Richard yet, so he's going to be watching him and threatens to saw Richard's head open and eat his brain if he screws him over. Count on it. Then Red flips a coin into the air, where it lingers and then appears in Richard's mouth. Richard removes it, and it mysteriously winds up back in Red's palm.

The manager of the Fat Trout Trailer Park, Carl, heads into town. A resident named Mickey asks for a ride because he needs to pick up Linda's mail. (Cooper was warned about Richard and Linda by The Giant in the premiere.) The two men discuss Linda's new wheelchair, and Carl makes no secret of his disdain for the government.

Carl doesn't have any particular errand in town; he just likes to get out of the trailer park. He sits in a park, drinking coffee, smoking and watching a mother and son play.

Richard is incredibly agitated after the meeting with his supplier. He resents the fact that the man called him "kid." He's also high on something, which is why he speeds through an intersection and runs over the young boy that Carl was watching in the park. Richard keeps going and shows no remorse. He drives by the RR Diner and locks eyes with a schoolteacher named Miriam, who was just inside eating pie.

Carl makes his way to the scene of the accident and watches a golden cloud emerge from the boy's body and disappear into the sky. As witnesses look on in shock, Carl kneels down, places an arm on the mother's shoulder and just looks into the sobbing woman's eyes. A low-pitched electric hum comes from a nearby power line inscribed with the numbers 324810 above a 6.

No Such Thing as Dumb Luck

Dougie arrives at work and is immediately called into his boss' office, who can't make sense of Dougie's work and thinks his employee may be in need of some serious help. But as he looks closer, something begins to make sense to him, and he thanks Dougie, warning him to keep the disturbing information to himself. He says he may need Dougie's help again and that he's given him a lot to think about.

The man in Las Vegas gets a message from his insidious boss. He removes a file from a safe. This same file is slipped under the door of a man in a motel room. Inside the file is a picture of Dougie and the woman who answers to the person trying to kill Dougie. He arrives at the woman's office and brutally stabs her.

Janey-E meets with the henchman tasked with collecting Dougie's debt. She learns that Dougie lost $20,000 betting on a game, and the rest is interest. She lets them know that she and her husband are part of the 99% who drive cheap cars and get shit on by everyone else. Janey-E gives them $25,000 and says they should be turning cartwheels to get 25% on the loan. Then she suggests that they take a good long look at themselves and their role in this dark age because she never wants to see them again.

In the bathroom at the police station, a coin falls out of Hawk's pocket and rolls into a stall. He kneels down and picks it up. He looks around and notices a small plaque on the door that reads 'Nez Perce Manufacturing' with the image of a Native American wearing a headdress. Hawk notices that the corner of the stall door is slightly bent and pries it back far enough to discover some sheets of paper.

We also learn that Sheriff Truman's wife is a loud, overbearing shrew of a woman named Doris, who badgers him relentlessly because their son committed suicide.

Is Richard Horne the child of Audrey and Evil Cooper/BOB? Is Hawk being guided by a higher power (someone or something in the White Lodge)? Is Good Cooper dreaming? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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