'Valentine's Day' Exclusive Clip: For You The Hopeful, And Us The Cynical
'Valentine's Day' Exclusive Clip: For You The Hopeful, And Us The Cynical
I'm obviously not the guy who usually gets excited for romantic comedies, but I'm actually excited for Valentine's Day. I have this soft spot for films with so many big stars where their lives intersect on a certain day, and that's what this film's all about. I mean, Anne Hathaway dates Topher Grace! Julia Roberts meets Bradley Cooper, who's hooked to Eric Dane! Jennifer Garner's going for a married Patrick Dempsey! Jessica Biel falls for Jamie Foxx! Emma Roberts studies in the same school where Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift take on the Finn-Quinn "it couple" role!

Yeah, so I'm sure you've seen the trailer where those two get giddy and start kissing in front of the cameras. Ahh, young love. In the words of that report, it's "full of promise, full of hope, [and] ignorant of reality."

The film hits theaters on February 12, and to celebrate (and to get us all excited--I know, even if McDreamy or Jacob or Sydney Bristow is hooking up with someone else here, we can dream, sort of) we have an exclusive clip right below. Just most of the stars talking about the film, their experiences while shooting it, and why everyone--even the most cynical people, me included--should watch it.

Directed by Pretty Woman's Garry Marshall, here, ladies and gents, is Valentine's Day.

(Image courtesy of New Line Cinema)