'True Blood' Videos: Russell on the Loose and Finite Faerie Power
'True Blood' Videos: Russell on the Loose and Finite Faerie Power
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The last episode of True Blood ended with a huge shock as Russell regained the upper hand and staked Vampire Authority Guardian Roman. That's one heck of a mess to clean up, and in this week's episode, "In the Beginning," we'll see the fallout.

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HBO released three clips from the next episode revealing new information about Sam, Sookie and Russell.

First, the lights go out at Authority headquarters as all hell breaks loose. Molly is heard wondering aloud why the iStake didn't work (is that genuine or is she covering up her involvement?) and Salome keeps saying that they need to keep Russell alive, allegedly so he can be put on trial for his latest criminal act. Or, more likely, it's because Salome is the one who freed Russell. Right now the only twist would be if she's NOT involved.

In the second clip, Sookie gets a quick faerie lesson, learning that since she's only half-fae, her magical microwave hands could run out.

Finally, Sam uses his shifter abilities to track down clues to find the Obama Mask Killers. This clip reminds me of two things. First, on USA's Psych, Gus is known for having a Super Smeller, a heightened olfactory ability that is clearly shared by Sam. Second, on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Mac and Charlie tried to write a screenplay called The Fifth Sense about a scientist whose head turns into a giant nose and who can smell crime.

True Blood airs Sunday at 9pm on HBO.

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