'True Blood' Video Preview: Godric Returns
'True Blood' Video Preview: Godric Returns
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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In many ways, I consider this week's episode of True Blood to be the real start of season 4. Jason is finally out of Hot Shot and back to the real world, and the season's big antagonist, Marnie, comes face-to-face with both Bill and Sookie. But most importantly, the most beloved character in the history of True Blood, Godric, makes his triumphant return.

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Of course, Eric's maker is still dead, so the Godric we see is just a delusion in Eric's head. While we know Godric to be the nicest and most human vampire, this Godric is mean and spiteful, laying some very harsh truths on Eric while trying to make him drink Sookie.

In a lighter moment of the episode, Pam reveals her new, hideous face to Bill and wants to take drastic measures against the witch who did it. Pam is coming very, very close to replacing Godric as my favorite vampire on True Blood, and it's hilarious scenes like this that make me love her.

Finally, we see Jessica and Hoyt bring Jason into their home to recover, but their relationship is still strained. I don't think bringing in the insanely hot Jason Stackhouse is the best thing for their relationship, especially since Jason drank Jessica's blood, and we all know the kid of erotic sex dreams that can cause.

If that's not enough, this week's episode of True Blood also features a very disturbing scene with Tommy and his parents, the return of Tara's mom, and multiple instances of Sookie using her ability to hear people's thoughts.

True Blood airs Sunday at 9pm on HBO.

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