'True Blood' Recap: Nazi Werewolf Hunters
'True Blood' Recap: Nazi Werewolf Hunters
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Werewolves showed up in a big way on True Blood in the past and present while new vampires arrived with big secrets.  But perhaps the best part of the second episode of True Blood's third season was the return of Godric, Eric's ancient teenage maker who died last year.  It's amazing how such a minor character has left such a huge impression.

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Godric's great return came as Eric flashed back to when the two of them were posing as Nazis, trying to hunt down a vicious pack of werewolves.  The Operation Werewolf symbol Sookie found on the guys who took Bill was an old Nazi symbol, leading to the incredibly awesome notion of Nazi Werewolves.

However, the werewolves weren't Nazis but part of a vicious centuries-old pack being secretly led by an unknown vampire who keeps them extra strong with vampire blood.  After seeing so many vampires vs. werewolves stories, it's nice to have one where there are actually werewolves working WITH vampires.

Eric's memories lead him to have a great chat with Sookie where he tries to get her to invite him in for some protection and passionate lovemaking, but eventually it's the fact that a werewolf is inside that gets her to offer the invitation.

Bill also deals with werewolves, but after taking out a few of them in battle, the fighting is ended by the arrival of Russell, the Vampire King of Mississippi.  The werewolves work for him because Russell wants to offer Bill a job as sheriff of Area 2 in Mississippi.

Russell is also a busy man with many irons in the fire.  His trophy husband Talbot serves Bill a fancy meal complete with blood bisque and blood gelato while Russell reveals his master plan to marry Sophie-Anne and take over Louisiana.  But the biggest twist of all comes when Russell's friend arrives: Bill's maker, Lorena.

True Blood is certainly getting more fascinating with a lot of larger mysteries.  The storylines aren't just about Bon Temps, but they're about an ancient werewolf tribe and a vampire coup.  There's a lot to get excited about.

In other news from this episode:
Lafayette's Crazy Racist Mama

After thwarting Tara's botched suicide attempt, Lafayette takes her to see his crazy old mom, Ruby.  She's a giant racist, throwing some of the most offensive insults at her Hispanic orderly Jesus, a fine looking man who catches Lafayette's eye.  Since the show brought in Alfre Woodard to play Lafayette's mom, she better have a much bigger part in the story than just spouting bigoted remarks.

Tara's New Man

While moping over Eggs, Tara meets a hot new mystery man, vampire Franklin Mott.  He saves the day by helping her wipe the floor with some rude, racist drunks, but he's not all good.  We also saw him sneaking around Sookie's house in the dark, so once again, it looks like Tara's man is only wooing her to get close to someone else.

Jason Finds His Calling

Jason also dealt with Eggs' death by getting upset that Andy is a hero for taking credit for the shooting.  A drunk Jason goes for a ride with Andy to bust a meth dealer where Jason meets a mysterious hot new girl and tackles a meth dealer.  I have a hunch that Jason's newfound respect for the law could result in more comedy than all the Police Academy movies combined.

Sam's Shifty Family Reunion

Sam finally meets his birth parents and learns that while his dad is normal, his mom and brother, Tommy, are both shifters too.  The two boys go out for a naked dog run together which ends when a car almost runs over Sam.  He's surprised to see Tommy transition from a dog to a bird, so it looks like we're in for a season of Sam learning to use his shifting ability.

Minor Storylines

Finally, Terry continues to be a great guy as Arlene still won't tell him that she's pregnant, though her constant vomiting could be a clue.  And in vampire world, Jessica gets some tips on human disposal from Pam before discovering that her dead trucker is now missing.

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