'True Blood' Recap: Everyone Makes Poor Life Decisions
'True Blood' Recap: Everyone Makes Poor Life Decisions
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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In the penultimate episode of True Blood season 3, there were a lot of very bad decisions made. Worst of all may go to Eric, whose master plan to kill Russell Edgington is to sacrifice himself. I know watching Godric erupt into a blue flame looked cool, but it was also the saddest moment of the series, so trying to duplicate that is a bad idea.

The plan, in its entirety, involved befriending Russell and convincing him that Sookie's fairy blood can make him invincible to sunlight. This leads to Bill's poor life decision: going along with the plan. He stands by and lets Russell and Eric feast on Sookie's blood, which is a bad omen to their "fresh start" for a relationship.

However, Eric and Bill are not alone in making bad decisions. Here are the others.

Sam and Tara's Bad Decisions

He gets drunk, insults everyone at Merlotte's and then has sex with Tara. Meanwhile, Tara confronted Andy about the truth behind Eggs' murder. Sam and Tara together is a bad combination, two lost and lonely hearts with no hope of finding happiness in each others' cold comfort.

Hoyt's Bad Decision

To get back Jessica, Hoyt decides to let her drink his blood during sex. This is a dangerous road to travel down, even if she has learned to control her feeding.

Jason's Bad Decisions

Jason Stackhouse is full of bad decisions, and this episode featured more than one. First, he decided to stay with Crystal the meth addict werepanther. Second, he confronted football superstar Kitch after realizing that Kitch is on V, only there's nothing Jason can do about it. Finally, Jason agreed to help Crystal go against the DEA and protect her meth shanty town. Three strikes and you're out.

Arlene's Bad Decision

Arlene decided to let the new waitress/practicing witch do a spell to cleanse the spirit of her unborn baby and the result is what looks like a miscarriage, which Arlene is very happy about. But that little fetus is one tough kid because it survived. Something tells me the spell hurt more than it helped.

Overall, each character is headed down a dark and dangerous road, so the season finale of True Blood seems like it has to spell disaster for at least one major character.

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