'True Blood' Recap: A Fairy Tale for Vampires
'True Blood' Recap: A Fairy Tale for Vampires
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Once upon a time there was a girl named Sookie Stackhouse, and she was a fairy.

That's what we learn at the start of this episode of True Blood, and Sookie is pretty calm about it. Bill vows to protect her, but Eric is also interested in her as well as protecting himself.

Ever since Russell went crazy and ripped out a man's spine on live TV, Eric's been under a bit of pressure to get a new plan to fight back. First he makes plans for his possible death, making a will giving everything to Pam and doing the one thing he's always wanted to do: kiss Sookie.

However, despite Bill's promises to keep his fairy girlfriend safe, she runs off to see Eric and he locks her in his basement dungeon for some future plan that will hopefully lead to a "happily ever after" for Eric.

Speaking of happy endings, many other characters had huge revelations in this episode and found some closure.

Tara's Fairy Tale Ending

After Jason killed Franklin she thanks him with a kiss. It almost leads somewhere, but instead of sex with Jason, she gets the truth from him about how he killed Eggs. It sucks, but I'm glad it's finally out in the open.

Jason's Fairy Tale Ending

Jason finally gets the truth about Crystal Norris when he finds a giant black panther in his bedroom who morphs into Crystal. That's right, she's a werepanther. It makes me wonder if there are other types of were creatures. A werekoala? A werepanda? A wearrhino?

Lafayette's Fairy Tale Ending

Lafayette and Jesus go on a magical V-induced hallucination where we essentially learn that they both come from witch families who practice the dark arts, so I'm guessing that makes Lafayette a warlock. Maybe in season 4 he can cast a spell to make him a part of the main vampire storyline again.

Hoyt and Jessica's Fairy Tale Ending

Though Tommy tries to make a move, Hoyt returns to get Jessica. He gets attacked by Tommy, but everything ends happily when Jessica feeds Hoyt her blood to cure him. I truly hope these two crazy kids make it work.

Arlene and Terry's Fairy Tale Ending

Arlene finally confesses to Terry that the baby isn't his, but he still wants to raise it. That should be a happy ending, but Arlene still wants to get rid of it.

Russell's Fairy Tale Ending

Finally, instead of making a plan to come after Eric for killing Talbot, Russell says goodbye to his dead husband by renting a gay prostitute and killing him. The gay prostitute, curiously enough, is played by 90210's Michael Steger. That kid must have a good agent to go from Beverly Hills to Bon Temps.

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