True Blood: Previewing Episode 2.2 "Keep This Party Going"
True Blood: Previewing Episode 2.2 "Keep This Party Going"
Well, there you are, folks.  Lafayette is alive, bound, gagged--well, not really, so I take that back.  At least we now know why he's gone missing for all that time--and all those questions for the past few months about his fate, and whether Alan Ball will pull off another deviation from the original book series and keep a popular character.  And then we have those details about him getting entangled with foil-wearing Eric, and we'll all wonder how that will turn up.

That aside, last week's True Blood was what I expected--a little underwhelming.  Well, save for that sex scene at the end, which I knew was coming, but not in that manner.  But anyway, I was telling folks that, well, we have eleven episodes to go and things should spike up soon.  Funny the details somehow hold up.

Jessica actually amuses me.  Better yet, Jessica and Bill amuse me.  Imagine your dad, sort of, speaking in that antique manner--"You must retire for the night.  The sleeping quarters are over there."--and you going, "well, yeah!"  It'd be interesting to see how their relationship develops, generation gap and all.  That, and the fact that there are taste differences in blood types, and it'll take a while before Jessica gets used to it.

But perhaps it'll take longer for Sookie to get used to it.  Suddenly they're lovers with a teen kid, and that chat about consequences and trust won't convince her that much.  Not to mention they're still together--it's much like having a girl go "eew!" when stuff gets seen.  That awkward feeling that will spike up soon...

As for Jason, well, he's convinced he's getting things right by joining the Fellowship of the Sun.  Obviously he doesn't realize the gravity of the things he's doing, and I'm expecting another fail on his part.  (Or maybe he won't realize it.)  But I've got to say, the thing True Blood is pointing at is very, very sneaky...

That pretty much sums up tonight's episode, which will be, again, at 9pm on HBO.  Sookie and Bill get troubled, Jason goes to that convention--lucky him, for the eleven thousand bucks that landed on his lap--and Sam has to deal with Maryann's little shenanigan at Merlotte's.  Oh goodness.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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