'True Blood': Everything You Need to Know about Alcide, Lafayette, Jessica and Tara Before the Season 7 Premiere
'True Blood': Everything You Need to Know about Alcide, Lafayette, Jessica and Tara Before the Season 7 Premiere
Bill King
Bill King
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Before the season 6 premiere of True Blood in 2013, we told you each main character's story over five years and 60 episodes. As the HBO vampire drama enters its seventh and final season, here are the updates you need to know in order to catch up.

In this edition, we'll cover werewolf Alcide, medium Lafayette and vampires Jessica and Tara. You can watch the season 7 premiere on Sunday, June 22, at 9pm.

Alcide Herveaux in Season 6

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Heed the Packmaster

When we last saw Alcide, he had just killed J.D. while high on vampire blood to become the new master of the Shreveport wolfpack. After taking a bite out of J.D.'s arm to stake his claim, a hottie named Danielle shifts into human form and offers him "service," eh hem, in any capacity he requires. 

Sidekick Rikki, who was nearly killed for supporting Alcide, is not pleased at the competition, but grandma Martha says it's the V that is prompts the craving for attention. After catching them getting it on, Rikki joins in while establishing her dominance over Danielle.

Alcide, Martha and Danielle then take Emma from Sam and Lafayette by force, believing she should be with her family instead of her now-dead mom's lover, and they bring her back to Martha's house. When the cops show up looking for the girl, Rikki scares her into shifting into wolf form. Finding only a cub, the officers leave. Rikki is uneasy about the attention that comes with taking Emma, but she has no say, as Alcide is packmaster and insists she stay. 

The Vampire Unity Society

Nicole is a member of the society, which has the goal of outing all those with supernatural abilities (supes). She and her friends were secretly photographing the fight between Sam and Alcide from the bushes, and things quickly go sour when they roll up on the wolfpack and start talking shop. The wolves get aggressive, and Nicole is about to leave when Alcide spots a hidden camera. The pack attacks the humans, and Sam, who used the distraction to grab Emma from Martha's house, saves Nicole after her friends are killed. When Martha realizes Emma is gone, Alcide splits up the wolves to search for them.

Aclide visits a small bar, where he runs into his father. Jackson Herveaux tries to give his son advice, but ends up getting punched in the face. Later, Alcide visits Jackson's hotel room, where dad tells him he spotted Sam in that very same hotel. Alcide busts into the room to find it empty, but he is able to pick up the scent and gives chase. Jackson wants to come with, but Alcide says no.

He tracks Sam and Nicole to a gas station, where he learns they already handed Emma over to Martha. Unsatisfied, Alcide questions Nicole about her plan to expose them, which she denies and promises to keep her mouth shut. After Sam reminds him that they used to be friends, Alcide tells them to avoid Shreveport and Bon Temps forever, or the pack will kill them. They agree, and Jackson comes out of the woodwork and congratulates his son on making the right decision.

Back of the Pack

Alcide returns to the wolves and tells them Sam and Nicole are dead, but Rikki reveals that they kidnapped Nicole and her mother and the entire pack knows he is lying to them. Rikki challenges him as packmaster, saying she knows he won't kill her, and Danielle seconds the nomination. They fight, and Alcide wins, but he stops short of killing her. He then leaves the pack and heads with Nicole and her mother to Merlotte's, where, despite being warned, Sam has returned to prepare for Terry's funeral. 

Alcide assures that his pack days are over and turns Nicole and her mother over to Sam, who tells him to go into the bar and help himself. When Sam returns, they acknowledge that they both smelled Nicole to be pregnant with Sam's baby, and they do shots to celebrate, in a way, and also mourn Terry and the loss of Alcide's pack.

Reconnecting with Sookie

Alcide attends Terry's funeral, and he and Sookie take a walk through the cemetery together so she can clear her head. She is impressed with his ability to keep his thoughts quiet when she needs peace, until they both hear noises coming from the Compton house and he smells vampires. In the front yard, they find Jessica, Pam, Tara, Willa, Jason, James, Violent, Ginger and the other vampires who escaped from the concentration camp walking in the daylight. Sookie approaches Jason, telling Alcide to go.

Six months later, at Sookie's house, she is watching a television interview with Bill about the source of the Hep V plague killing off vampires when Alcide walks into the room, kisses her, tosses her over his shoulder and takes her to bed. Apparently, they are now a couple and live together.

They attend a service at the church with Jason and sit down with Lafayette, and new Bon Temps Mayor Sam explains they are trying to set up a monogamous donor relationship between uninfected vampires and humans, in exchange for that vampire's protection, to keep everyone safe. 

That night, there's a social/mixer at Beffefleur's Bar and Grill (now owned by Arlene) to connect vampires and humans. Sookie and Alcide attend for about an hour and are on their way out when Bill sees them in the parking lot. He asks Sookie if she found a vampire to protect her, and Alcide says he's up to the task. Bill counters that it's not enough, as Sookie needs to be protected above everyone else. Then, Bill and Alcide both smell a large group of infected vampires approaching.

Lafayette Reynolds in Season 6

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Guarding Emma

Lafayette is at Merlotte's, sleeping off some booze in Sam's office, when his boss bursts in with Emma after Luna died during their escape from Authority headquarters. Lafayette swears not to tell anyone and takes Emma to the kitchen to get her some food. He then agrees to watch the girl in Sam's trailer, which he is doing when Alcide, Martha and Danielle arrive and forcibly take Emma. Danielle punches him in the face. 

Nicole and the other members of the Vampire Unity Society help them back into Sam's trailer, and Lafayette tells them it would be in their best interest to go home and forget they ever heard the word werewolf. Nicole offers to help Sam get Emma back, and despite Sam telling Lafayette to stay out of it, he says plainly that Sam has helped him too many times for him to turn his back now. 

After Nicole creates a diversion so Sam can grab Emma and the wolves attack and kill the other VUS members, Sam rescues Nicole and Lafayette serves as the getaway driver. When they get a safe distance away, Sam insists that Lafayette leave so that his life will not be at risk for Sam's sake any longer.

Sookie's Parents, Medium Well

Sookie goes to Merlotte's and asks for Lafayette's help contacting her parents so that she can learn more about Warlow. He gets in touch with Corbett and Michelle Stackhouse from the beyond, but he's unable to make out what they are trying to tell him. So Sookie takes his hand and reads his thoughts, getting sucked into the day before her parents died and seeing their confrontation with Warlow during which he vowed to make her a vampire-faerie hybrid like himself. Desperate to save her from this fate, dad-of-the-year Corbett drugs toddler Sookie and locks her in the trunk, intending to drown her in the lake.

Sookie comes back to the present and argues with the ghost of her father, who vows to finish what he started by possessing Lafayette and attacking his daughter. He puts her in the trunk, drives to the lake and holds her head under water until Warlow flies in and knocks Lafayette into a tree. He's about to bite Corbett/Lafayette, but Sookie stops him and tells him of the possession. Instead, they use faerie magic to force Corbett out. 

Sookie, Warlow and Lafayette are talking when Bill summons Warlow. As a thank you for saving her, Sookie takes Warlow into the faerie land, leaving Lafayette standing there by himself.

Mourning Terry

Relishing some quiet alone time, Lafayette is relaxing on his couch when Terry shows up with a key to a safety deposit box that he forces Lafayette to take. Concerned, he calls Arlene, who becomes convinced that Terry is about to kill himself. He has actually made plans to have someone else kill him, but Arlene and Holly have a vampire glamour Terry into being happy. Lafayette notices his friend's newfound positive attitude at Merlotte's before hearing gunshots and rushing outside to find Terry with a bullet in his neck. 

Lafayette gets a call from Sam and informs him that Terry is dead, and then he and Sookie go to the bank to find out what's in the deposit box. They find a life insurance policy for $2 million, so they head to the Bellefleur house and find Arlene wasted drunk. Later, Lafayette cooks her breakfast and is about to leave to open Merlotte's, but first he tells her about the policy. 

Lafayette speaks at Terry's funeral, recalling Terry's first day at the bar and how scared he was of messing up. Lafayette could see into Terry's soul, and because of the sincerity there, he took Terry under his wing and taught him how to cook fries.

Six months later, Lafayette sits in church with Jason, Sookie and Alcide while Sam explains the plan to match every uninfected vampire with a non-carrier human for a symbiotic food-protection relationship to protect the longevity of both species. 

Jessica Hamby in Season 6

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Escape from the Authority

When we last saw Jessica, she was professing her love for Jason as the two of them escaped from Vampire Authority headquarters with Tara, Pam and Nora. As they exit the building, Eric and Sookie drive up in a stolen Authority SUV. They flee, the compound explodes and a blood-covered Billith flies away from the scene.

Sookie consoles Jessica, who suddenly doubles over in pain and screams that Bill is summoning her. Eric tries to prevent her from responding, and she vomits blood all over him before dropping the ground, writhing in pain. Sookie agrees to take her to Bill, and Eric makes sure she does it on her own. 

Sookie and Jessica follow a trail of bloody footprints into the Compton house, where they find Bill sitting peacefully in a rocking chair. Bill claims he just wants to talk, when Nora and Eric arrive and attack him. As he's about to kill Eric, Sookie stakes him. He calmly pulls the stake from his chest and repeats that he just wants to talk. Jessica turns on the group and tells them all to leave.

Reacquainting with Dad

After Bill freezes a falling Tru Blood bottle in mid-air, Jessica asks him what he is now and expresses her fear at what he's become. While he doesn't know what his new powers are, he tells Jessica that she is the only one he can trust and that she must be there for him. That day, she awakens to Bill's screams and finds him hysterical, able to feel the pain of all the vampires being tortured or killed at that moment, but unable to help them. He collapses into a chair and falls into a trance.

Jessica paces around, then orders a human woman from a blood donation service and slaps Bill back to reality for his meal. He doesn't react to the woman, who is about to leave when she suddenly goes rigid and flies across the room towards Bill. Jessica screams in horror as Bill siphons all the woman's blood out her mouth and into his before falling back into his comatose state. 

After burying the woman, Jessica recalls a doctor once telling her that a family member in a coma could still hear her, so she shares a poignant confession with Bill. She tells him that she feels like the world is unraveling and she doesn't know who or what to trust. Then she asks if he is a god and prays, thanking God for his forgiveness and to bless her friends. She cries blood tears, as the vampires do.

Bill eventually wakes up from his coma to the understanding that his earlier visions are coming true. Jessica asks if he can see the future, and Bill mutters, "They're all going to burn." 

The Burning and the Draining

Bill is convinced he can daywalk, since he was in the sun during a vision, and despite Jessica's protests, he gives it a shot. He immediately bursts into flames and stumbles back inside, where Jessica extinguishes him. 

After demanding she be allowed to help from now on, Bill sends her to get professor Hido Takahashi, the creator of Tru Blood. She dresses in a naughty schoolgirl outfit, flirts with the professor and grabs him. Then she and Bill track Andy's now-17-year-old faerie daughters to a store where they're attempting to buy booze. Jessica gains their trust by glamouring the clerk into giving them the beer for free, then invites them all back to Bill's for a party. 

Jessica tries to entertain them, buying time so that Bill can collect their blood for synthesizing, but they grow restless and bored and try to leave. As one of them brushes past her, Jessica is overcome with a lust for faerie blood and drains them. Bill rushes upstairs at the sound of their screams, and a distraught Jessica, begging Bill to tell her the girls aren't dead, tries to kiss her maker. He pushes her away, saying she is high on the faerie blood. 

Bill leaves, and Andy arrives to find one of his daughters still alive, while Jessica hides. 

Welcome to Camp

Jessica rushes to Jason's house in tears and confesses that she thinks she is evil and incapable of doing good, when Sarah Newlin, who has just had sex with Jason, storms in and calls her a whore. Jessica attacks, and Sarah rescinds the invitation, sending Jessica flying out of the house and into a waiting Louisiana Area Vampire Task Force (LAVTF) trap. 

Jessica is put into general population, where she is reunited with Tara. Later, she refuses a vial of Tru Blood at feeding time and almost causes a riot. Tara defends her, but the frenzy subsides when Violet, the alpha of the prisoners, orders the other vamps to leave Jessica alone. 

As part of the Copulation study done at the camp, Jessica is introduced to James and ordered to have sex with him. But upon finding out she is technically a virgin (we learned with Hoyt that it grows back each time since she was a virgin when she was turned), James refuses and is burned with UV light. 

Later, Pam warns her and Tara not to drink the Tru Blood because it is contaminated with Hep V.

Popping the Cherry ... Again

Jessica is called into a conference room, where she finds Jason waiting in a guard's uniform. He has joined the LAVTF to save her, and he admits that he saw the Copulation study. Jessica is despondent and hopeless, and she tells Jason she doesn't need to be rescued, that she knows how it's going to end, and she's at peace with it. Her final request is that he let her meet with James so that she can thank him for his kindness. 

Jason brings him in and leaves them alone, and she wants to know why he disobeyed orders to protect her. He claims that while he's no saint, he has been able to maintain his humanity, and they talk about what they'd do if they actually survived all this before having sex on the conference table. Guards then separate them and take Jessica back to the general population.

There, Jessica, Tara, Pam and Willa discuss ways to rescue Jason from Violet, who has claimed him as her own and feeds off him regularly while also denying him sex. When Violet asks why they aren't drinking the Tru Blood either, it becomes clear to the guards that they are all aware of the tainted blood. Pam, Jessica, Violet, Willa, Tara, James and Steve Newlin are all herded into the circular white room from Bill's vision, and Jessica informs them all that they are about to meet the sun.

Billith to the Rescue

The skylight opens and the sun streams in, but Bill is already in the room. Now able to daywalk thanks to drinking the lone vial of Warlow's blood, he lets the trapped vampires feed off him to save their lives (except for Steve, who Eric holds in the sun before he can drink). And oh yeah, Eric can also daywalk after feeding on Warlow. 

The vampires, high on faerie blood and free from the sun, destroy the contaminated Tru Blood still in the facility and dance through the streets. Bill, who was left in the circular room nearly drained, summons Jessica, who is accompanied by James. Bill is revived by James' blood, and they join the other vampires at the camp's entrance. 

They travel back to the Compton house, get naked, burn their uniforms, play volleyball and revel in their drunken freedom. 

Saving Sookie and the Future

Bill confides in Jessica that he has lost his Lilith powers and is just plain Bill again, and also the details of the deal he made with Warlow to allow him to turn Sookie into his vampire-fae hybrid bride. Jessica insists they stop it, insisting this is Bill's opportunity to make things right. Bill enlists Jason's help, while Jessica sits the rest of this out. 

Six months later, as Hep V sweeps through the vampire population and Mayor Sam institutes an uninfected vampire/non-carrier human symbiotic relationship, Jessica tries to make amends for her fae draining. She visits Andy and Adilyn to offer her protection to both of them, and even though Andy declines, she says they have it anyway. 

Tara Thornton in Season 6

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Escape From the Authority Redux

Season 6 opens with Tara, Pam, Jessica, Jason and Nora escaping from Vampire Authority headquarters, hopping into the SUV with Eric and Sookie and watching as the complex explodes and a blood-covered Billith flies away from the scene. Tara offers comfort to her maker, Pam, who is upset with Eric. After Bill summons Jessica and Sookie insists they take her to him, Eric orders Pam and Tara to Fangtasia.

There, Tara calls Pam Eric's punching bag and they argue, before the government arrives and gives Pam a notice regarding the closing of all vampire businesses. Tara intervenes and is shot with a new anti-vampire weapon that leaves her in agony on the floor. Eric and Nora arrive, and Eric tries to remove the bullet and is instantly burned. He uses a broken bottle to get it out and discovers it is made of silver with UV light inside of it. Tara heals. 

After Eric kidnaps Willa, whose father Governor Truman Burrell runs the vampire concentration camp, Tara once again urges Pam to stand up to her maker. She tells Eric to glamour Willa and send her home, but he tells them he needs information from her and orders them to gather anything valuable because they are leaving Fangtasia for good. 


Eric, Tara, Pam and Willa go to Ginger's house, where they shack up for the night. The following day, Ginger stupidly answers Eric's cell phone and allows Burrell to trace their location. Eric leaves Willa with Tara, who flees with the girl and dumps her in a nearby fairground. Eric and Pam summon Tara, who finally caves and reveals Willa's location. Eric reject's Pam's advances, finds Willa and turns her into a vampire. 

Distraught, Pam decides to leave town with Tara in the hopes of hiding from the humans. Tara explains that she abducted Willa to save the girl's life, but Pam lectures her about the way the world works during wartime. Enraged, Tara speeds away, catching the eye of a LAVTF guard who then shoots Pam and captures her while a frightened Tara looks on in horror.

She informs Eric what happened, and the pair allows themselves to be captured so that they can save Pam. They are separated as they enter the camp, and Tara is reunited with the recently-captured Jessica, who she later defends after Jessica almost causes a riot when she refuses to drink her Tru Blood. Alpha Violet tells the other vampires to back off. 

Don't Drink the Tru Blood

After spotting Willa being brought into the camp, sent there by her father after he discovered Eric had turned her, Tara cozies up to her over a game of Connect Four. Eric summonses Willa, and Tara teachers her how to glamour. Later, Pam informs Tara that the Tru Blood is contaminated with Hep V. 

Jason, now posing as an LAVTF guard, is outed by Sarah Newlin after Burrell's death, and she slices his wrist and throws him into the women's population. Tara puts herself between him and the bloodthirsty vamps, but Violet comes to his rescue and claims Jason as her own. Willa and Tara discuss how to get him back, but they are helpless because Violet is older and more powerful than both of them. 

When Violet asks why they aren't drinking the Tru Blood either, it becomes clear to the guards that they are all aware of the tainted blood. Pam, Jessica, Violet, Willa, Tara, James and Steve Newlin are all herded into the circular white room from Bill's vision, and Jessica informs them all that they are about to meet the sun.

Billith to the Rescue (Again)

The skylight opens and the sun streams in, but Bill is already in the room. Now able to daywalk thanks to drinking the lone vial of Warlow's blood, he lets the trapped vampires feed off him to save their lives (except for Steve, who Eric holds in the sun before he can drink). And oh yeah, Eric can also daywalk after feeding on Warlow. 

The vampires, high on faerie blood and free from the sun, destroy the contaminated Tru Blood still in the facility and dance through the streets. They travel back to the Compton house, get naked, burn their uniforms, play volleyball and revel in their drunken freedom. 

When Sookie and Alcide appear after Terry's funeral, Tara runs to her best friend, hugs her and tells her that thanks to Bill's magical blood, she no longer hates him. Then she finds Pam in the woods, lamenting that Eric has flown off and left her, even though they just barely escaped death and the sun is now shining on them. Pam tells Tara to look after Willa and then leaves to look for Eric. Tara muses that Pam and Eric are both horrible makers.

A Mother's Care

Six months later, at a mixer at Bellefleur's Bar and Grill (now owned by Arlene) designed to hook up uninfected vampires with non-Hep V carrying humans in a symbiotic food/protection relationship, Tara and Willa discuss the slim pickings of good-smelling blood when mom Letti Mae Daniels approaches and asks to talk to Tara in private.

Inside the barn, Letti Mae apologizes for everything she has done and offers to finally take care of her daughter by feeding her blood. Tara falls into her mother's arms, bites down and finally feels nourished. 

What Next?

That's everything you need to know about these four characters' season 6 experiences. And now that Hep V is sweeping the nation and the government has left everyone on their own, what do you expect to happen to them in the final season? Who will die? Who will end up with whom? And will anyone make it out alive?

Tune in to the season 7 premiere of True Blood on Sunday, June 22, at 9pm on HBO to find out!

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