True Blood: Episode 2 "The First Taste" Recap
True Blood: Episode 2 "The First Taste" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on True Blood: Sookie, a telepathic waitress, met a sexy vampire who she saved from a couple of vamp harvesters. Later, those two came back to beat the ever-loving crap out of Sookie. Meanwhile, her brother Jason was arrested for murdering Maudette, a woman he had rough sex with.

True Blood's second episode picks up right where the first one left off, with Sookie (Anna Paquin) getting her teeth kicked in. After the brutal beatdown, a lightning fast Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) comes to her rescue, knocking the culprits into the trees. Bill takes her to a pond, rips open his arm, and tells her to drink his blood so she can live, though it won't turn her into a vampire.

Once she's recovered, Bill licks her wounds (literally) and they talk about her telepathy being an impediment to dating, which provides hilarious flashbacks of her boyfriends thinking only about having sex with her or with Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead, both of which make for unsuitable men. The conversation turns to Bill, who was 30-years-old in 1865, when he was turned into a vampire. After some prodding, he agrees to speak at Sookie's grandma's Civil War club.

At the police station, the cops show Jason (Ryan Kwanten) the video tape of him erotically asphyxiating Maudette before leaving the scene of the crime. After he leaves, however, we see Maudette was still alive. Jason is relieved, and when the cops suspect he purposefully left the video as an alibi before going back to finish the job, Jason claims he isn't that smart. Undeterred, Jason gets back on the horse and goes out for a night of hot monkey sex with Dawn.

The next day, Sookie is exhibiting some extremely odd and potent tasting and smelling abilities. That night, Bill comes by to talk about the Civil War. We learn that, like in most stories, vampires need to be invited into a mortal's home, though on True Blood, reversing the process is as simple as withdrawing the invitation.

At dinner, Jason is a huge vampire bigot and Tara is upset that Bill's family owned slaves. Bill and Sookie go out for a stroll and he reveals in addition to increased senses, she now has a more active libido and he can find her wherever she is. She also learns he can't levitate or turn invisible, and though he can't turn into a bat, some vampires can change form. He claims to possess the ability to manipulate humans, but it fails on Sookie. The two start kissing, but their make-out session is cut short when Bill vamps out.

Back at the house, Tara tries her best to flirt with Jason and get him to notice her, but he leaves to pick up Dawn from work. The next morning, Jason is tied to Dawn's bed, which he finds erotic until she leaves for work, keeping him tied to her bed all day.

At Merlotte's Tara and Dawn have a tense moment over Jason and Arlene is worried she might be pregnant. Sam continues to passive aggressively resent that Sookie fancies the vampire more than him. A news report about the “freak accident” that killed an anti-vampire reverend worries Sookie. She stops by Bill's house to see what looks like a vampire orgy going on. She's scared by the vampires admiring her, including one who happens to be the same vampire Jason saw Maudette sleeping with in the video tape.

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