BuddyTV Free Auctions: Win a 'True Blood' Backpack or 'Supernatural' Episode Pack
BuddyTV Free Auctions: Win a 'True Blood' Backpack or 'Supernatural' Episode Pack
Looking for some new True Blood swag? Maybe you're more of a Supernatural fan? Well then lucky for you our latest BuddyTV Free Auctions has awesome prizes for both! For True Blood it's a red drawstring backpack and for Supernatural we will be gifting the three Supernatural episodes with Felicia Day!

What are BuddyTV Auctions?

The BuddyTV Free Auctions are a set of weekly and bi-weekly auctions where users can win all sorts of TV paraphernalia by being the highest bidder. It's as simple as logging in, going to the games tab and clicking auctions to see what's up for grabs. Bids are placed with Buddy Tokens which are only available to registered users on the BuddyTV website and again, completely free. 

Currently Up for Auction

In the current weekly free auction you can win a True Blood red drawstring backpack from San Diego Comic-Con that reads "No One Lives Forever True Blood HBO" on the back.


In the current bi-weekly auction you can win the three Felicia Day Supernatural episodes "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo," "LARP and the Real Girl," and "Pac-Man Fever" via iTunes.  All three episodes pay homage to our inner nerds, whether it's Dean reciting a speech from Braveheart or video game nightmares be prepared for a lot of sword swinging because this is a prize you won't want to miss! However due to the iTunes gifting policy this specific auction prize is available to US residents only. 

The weekly free auction will be ending on August 26 at 7:00pm PST

The bi-weekly free auction will be ending on September 2 at 7:00pm PST

Both free auctions can be found at the BuddyTV Auctions Page 

How to Earn Buddy Tokens

So now you're probably wondering how you acquire Buddy Tokens, well it's as easy and there's several ways to do it like: 

  • Creating an account and/or logging in to your BuddyTV account earns you tokens
  • Reading articles (50 tokens)
  • Viewing Slideshows  (50 tokens)
  • Leaving comments (50 tokens) 
  • Play trivia (10% of your trivia points)
  • Take personality quizzes  (1,000 tokens) 
  • And much more! 

Just about anything you do on the BuddyTV website will give you Buddy Tokens.  For a full list of how to gain tokens check out the Buddy Tokens Guide

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