Top Design: Meet the Mentor
Top Design: Meet the Mentor
Currently on its second season on Bravo, Top Design has pulled in the visionary Todd Oldham to serve as mentor to aspiring interior decorators.  The New York Post recently sat down with the acclaimed personality and managed to get a few words from him.  He talked about the industry, his dreams, and New York City.

Despite being busy with his work on Top Design, Oldham manages to find time for his own films and art, like designing rugs and furniture.  He admits that every wall of his Tribeca home “is painted in some version of stripes,” which serves as a respite from the often chaotic city life.  

The 46-year old world renowned designer said, “I'm a little challenged around 5 p.m., just about everywhere in the city.  It's too much activity for me. Too busy.”  However, he dreams of creating his own house in Central Park.  “It would look like a tree and be invisible to passersby.  And, yes, I recognize what a selfish gesture it would be.”

Being in New York City, he has had a number of memorable experiences.  One morning, he was at the club named AM/PM and was served by one of the bartenders.  “Years later, I realized it had been Bruce Willis. I remembered his face instantly.”

When asked about what he would do if he were New York City mayor, he replied, “I would set up arts grants to bring the artists back.  I miss the freedom that artists brought to the city before [Mayor Rudy] Giuliani.  So many have left.  Brooklyn is more interesting than Manhattan now.”

Next on Top Design, the remaining five contestants will be tackling the idea of balance on the episode “Light it Up.”  A chandelier becomes the focus of the show, and the designers are asked to create a design that neither minimizes nor overwhelms the room.  The following episode airs on Bravo at 10pm tonight, October 22.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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