What a Tween Might Say About the 'Top Chef DC' School Lunches
What a Tween Might Say About the 'Top Chef DC' School Lunches
Last night on Top Chef, the drama began to unfold like we were back in middle school. But we WERE back in middle school, for a challenge! Here's a look at last night's "healthy school lunches," accompanied by what I think a middle schooler would say about them.

Alex, Andrea, Kevin, and Tim: BBQ Chicken, Cole Slaw, Mac n Cheese, and Melon Kebab
TCDC macaroni.png
"Yay, BBQ, Macaroni and Cheese, Cole Slaw! All things we like! But what is up with fruit as a dessert? We're getting ripped off. You are pulling a 'Kanye-interrupting-Taylor-Swift-at-the-VMA's' on us. Can I hug Padma?"

Amanda, Tamesha, Stephen, and Jacqueline: chicken in a sherry jous, salad, rice, and pudding.
TCDC sherry.png
"This pudding should send someone home! But what do I know, I'm drunk because this chicken has alcohol in it! I'm going to tweet about it on my four iPhones then call that kid in the library a homo."

Tracey, Angelo, Ed, and Kenny: Chicken burger, peanut butter and celery crudite, sweet potato puree, and pudding.
TCDC chicken burger.png
"I'll eat the chicken burger but leave the rest, because they all look like different kinds of poop. Does crudite mean CAT POOP? LOL. I love Justin Bieber."

Kelly, Arnold, Lynne, and Tiffany: pork tacos, corn salad, black bean cake, and sweet potato dessert (The winning meal).
TCDC tacos.png
"A delightful and healthful journey south of the border. JK, these tacos are better than the Twilight series, though. Team Edward!!"

(images courtesy of Bravo)