Top Chef DC: Hate that Plate!
Top Chef DC: Hate that Plate!
Normally at this point I would show you some food porn from last night's episode, but I was looking at the plates and I had a hard time imagining that they tasted good. I guess we should come to expect that with 17 chefs starting out this season. I think judges have said in the past that we first eat with our eyes, so let's have an eye-taste of some of these plates from the Top Chef DC premiere.

Alex's Deconstructed Short Rib Borscht with Creme Fraiche (Russia and California)
TCDC Angelo1.png
This dish was in the top, I think. I guess it tasted good, but it looks like a model for a post-apocalyptic Jurassic Park landscape. 

Amanda's Red Snapper, Carpaccio, Clementines, Sencha Oil, Daikon & Caraway Gelee (California)
TCDC Amanda1.png
Aaaagh! What is that?! I don't see any of those ingredients in there, it looks like a gummi snaked flattened on top of those fake eggs that you get at the dollar store (the ones that "splat" when you throw them on the ground). Not appetizing.

John's Maple Mousse Napoleon with Crisp Macadamia Nut and Vanilla Sauce (Michigan)
TCDC John1.png

If you ask me (no one did), this dish looks really good. But of course, it is the dish that got John sent home! The judges said it was too sweet. WHATEVER.

Jaqueline's Duo of Hudson Valley Chicken Liver and Port Wine Mousse (New York)
TCDC Jaq1.png
Look out for that big fluffy white cat! He'll come barreling toward this dish without anyone having to tap a spoon against his crystal feeding cup! Because it looks like CAT FOOD. According to the judges, it didn't taste good either. But I don't know, can liver taste good ever?

Angelo's Arctic Char with Pickled Shallots, Chillied Tapioca & Smoked Bacon Froth (Rural Connecticut)
TCDC Angelowin.png
This is the dish that won. I know that foam is like, a fancy thing that some chefs are really into, but sometimes it looks like spit. And this dish, although not the worst-looking, looks like it just came out of a baby's mouth after an unsuccessful insertion. Don't put that tree sprig in a baby's mouth!

(images courtesy of Bravo)