'Top Chef All-Stars' Finale: Who Will Win?
'Top Chef All-Stars' Finale: Who Will Win?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Tonight marks the long-awaited (seriously, we've been doing "finals" for over a month!) finale of Top Chef All-Stars. Only Richard and Mike remain to battle it out for the title of Top Chef. And only one of them can take it. Which chef will win the glory?

We won't know until tonight. Which means that this is the perfect moment for speculation!

Richard is the obvious frontrunner going into the finale. Viewers have expected greatness from the cheftestant all season, and he did step up to that greatness in the later episodes of the season. Even Richard's own tumultuous ego allowed him to recognize that he had won more challenges than anyone else in Top Chef history. That's a pretty good sign for victory, right?

Not if Mike has anything to say about it. And we all know that Mike will say something. Probably something rude. Or egotistical. Or just nonsensical. The thing is, knowing Richard, whatever Mike says may just be taken to heart.

The chef's psyching-out game aside, Mike Isabella has turned into a serious cooking competitor during the finals. Whereas he hadn't won much at all before heading to the Bahamas, Mike dominated the tropical cooking. His roll might be somewhat broken by Richard's Elimination win last week, but Mike is still strong.

Who will come out victorious in this battle of insanity vs. bullying? Self-doubt vs. self-deception? Crazy genius vs. reliable excellence? Good vs. evil?

It's hard not to be biased here, OK? Richard has spent the season doubting every move and lamenting the crash that lost him his original season. Mike spent the same season declaring that he was better than everyone, even when he lost. Richard is adorable and funny in a neurotic sort of way, while Mike just makes you want him to shut up and cook.

When it comes down to it, there are few people who would claim Mike was a better cook than Richard. Even Mike might have trouble with that. Top Chef places so much emphasis on each individual plate, but there is no question that Richard has had the more successful season.

And really, who wants Mike to win? Besides Mike, of course.

For that reason, based on cooking history, single-dish possibilities and personal preference, I'm picking Richard Blais as the winner of Top Chef All-Stars.

But I could most definitely be wrong.

Who do you think will win this season of Top Chef? Is Richard a shoo-in? Can Mike manage a victory? Can we stand to watch Richard's sadness if he doesn't win? Can Richard stand it? Leave us a comment below!

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