Exclusive Interview: Tre Wilcox of 'Top Chef'
Exclusive Interview: Tre Wilcox of 'Top Chef'
Fans of Bravo's Top Chef expected 30-year-old Tre Wicox to be there at the finals.  Yet, this week, he was abruptly sent home after failing to deliver quality dishes.  In the challenge, he was placed on a team along with Brian Malarkey, Casey Jonson, and CJ Jacobsen to create their own restaurant.  Wilcox was chosen as executive chef and two of his dishes bombed with the judges.  In the end, Padma told him to pack his knives and go home.  Tre sits down with BuddyTV to dish about his rivalry with Hung and whether or not the judges should have kept him around.

Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview.

Hey everybody, this is Gina from BuddyTV, and I am talking to the latest chef eliminated from Top Chef, Tre. I’m so disappointed you went home Tre, I can’t believe it.

Yes, yes, that’s going around quite a lot, the disappointment is. But it’s a competition, there’s winners and there’s losers. The idea is you learn from your mistakes and you can carry on.

What’s the reaction been like since the episode aired? Have you heard from a lot of people?

A lot of people are thinking it could’ve went in a different direction. Some people agree with the decision because executive chefs are people that rub their kitchen and I think other people are disagreeing – executive chefs are made of teams of people. And if people in that team don’t perform to their fullest, then that person should be eliminated.

Do you like performing in these group challenges or would you always rather do individual ones?

I mean, of course I would rather be judged on individual performances. As a team, a team has to win in order for no one to be eliminated, I think in my position where I’m at now, it’s almost more than on a daily basis I rely on a group of people that I lead, and so I really wouldn’t have a problem with either one of them.

A lot of people thought that you and Hung were the two frontrunners in the competition. Did you think that Hong was the biggest person standing in your way?

Once we began the team challenges and I saw that Hung was on the opposing team, I felt like, “Great, he’s on the opposing team and it can’t just be one-on-one,” so I just kind of felt that he was gonna make his team that much better, and he did. So that goes back to what I was saying, Hung was gonna be my biggest competitor. Still with him being on another team, he still was my competitor and he was able to help that team rise above ours. And I would love the opportunity to have a one-on-one challenge with him.

Being from different crafts and other atmospheres, I think that his thoughts on it are, the guy who’s in charge is the guy who’s gonna take the heat. The guy who’s in charge is the guy who’s running the ship, and if the ship then the captain goes down with it.

I know when Sandy was eliminated she felt like her body of work should’ve been taken into consideration, not just the one challenge. Did you feel that way, that they should’ve considered everything you’ve done from the beginning?

No, I think those judges have to judge you on that day. The Top Chef competition is about a track record. It’s each elimination being judged upon individually, and on this particular elimination day I didn’t bring my ‘A’ game and I had some technical errors with some things and I think that it was the correct decision to judge me on that day, not on the fact that I’d won more elimination challenges than anyone. You know, that’s really easy to say, but I think at the end of the day that’s kind of a cop-out, and I’m not looking for a cop-out here, or excuses. I had a bad day and I was picked for it. I think that’s all that needs to be said about that, I’m not looking for a cop-out or excuses.

Are there any exciting things ahead for you in your future?

I think so, I think there’s some things that will be happening with me in the future. There’s some negotiations for restaurant space still going on, and I’m still pursuing that very aggressively. In the meantime, I’m very involved with a lot of different menus of cooking class, different magazines like Ebony have asked me to come out and do some sitdowns with them. I just feel like there’s a lot of doors that are open, but I’m not one to just run through all of those at once. I take it all in, collectively and calmly, and absorb the pros and cons of them. I’d rather see them just come out or have you all just hear about it coming out rather than try to give you an intro or some kind of promise of what’s gonna happen. I’d rather it be a surprise to you all.

Well, we’ll definitely be looking forward to hearing good things from you and I just wanna thank you for your time and I wish you good luck

Awesome, thanks for the call.

Thanks, Tre.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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