'Sleepy Hollow' Interview: Tom Mison on Ichabod's Intelligence, Spy Craft, and Misbehavior
'Sleepy Hollow' Interview: Tom Mison on Ichabod's Intelligence, Spy Craft, and Misbehavior
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Ichabod was willing to give up his life in order to stop the Headless Horseman on Sleepy Hollow, but was saved by the Sin Eater. Now, the stakes are raised even higher. Tom Mison spoke about what makes Ichabod uniquely up to the challenge. Check out edited excerpts from his interview with reporters.

Is Ichabod ever going to wear modern clothing?

That will be mentioned very, very soon. You'll see the question of clothes coming up. I think we quite liked having Ichabod in--give him an iconic look, which I think everyone's managed to achieve rather nicely.

In terms of the character; he's a long way from home, and 250 years away from home so anything that he can hold on to from his time, I think he certainly will. Any time you think of how much he stinks, just think of it as a big stinking security blanket that he carries around with him. 

Ichabod is very intelligent and a very proper man, while Abbie has shown she's willing to bend the rules when necessary. Are there any circumstances where Ichabod would be willing to bend the rules or act out?

I think without giving too much away, when things start to get very personal, when there are revelations that are personal attacks on Crane and his past, that's when the rules start to fly out of the window, and he starts misbehaving a little bit more

What do you find most fascinating about your character that some people would not necessarily know?

I think the one thing that--everyone always goes to the fact that he would be lost in the modern world and everything is above him and baffling, but what I find really fascinating is that any room he walks into he's probably the most intelligent person in that room, but no one will allow him to show that because everyone thinks he's insane. 

I think the interesting thing is that he thinks everyone else is the maniac, whereas everyone thinks he is. That's really fun. He knows that he's cleverer than everyone else, but his manners won't allow him to tell people to stop being stupid. 

Ichabod was a spy in the past, are we going to see him use any of those skills in his current cases?

Oh, yes. Absolutely. Well, I think there are elements of that that run throughout. He can't really reveal to anyone his true identity so he's always playing that side of the spy in terms of cracking and finding clues. 

We will see a lot more of him as the spy in the 18th Century, that's for sure. There are lots more flashbacks coming up when we get more and more involved in his life there, and also he's very different to modern American law enforcement because you'll notice he never uses a gun, for example. There's one moment when the Hessians attack with automatic rifles. But apart from that he's just relying on his wit. 

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