The Young and the Restless: Week In Review 8/20-8/24
The Young and the Restless: Week In Review 8/20-8/24
This week, The Young and the Restless became The Phyllis Newman Show.  Fresh from being found guilty, she spends every day as if it is her last, trying to spend quality time with baby daughter Summer, grown-up son Daniel and botoxed, amnesiac husband Nick as she bides her time before her sentencing hearing.  It's as excruciating for us as it is for her, trust me, what with her finely honed drama queen skills.  Her week culminated with her sentencing hearing, in which all the luminaries of Genoa City come to either tongue-lash her for being an evil, evil person.  Daniel, Nick and, in a surprise move, Sharon come to her defense, saying that she made a mistake, but that she is a good person and a good mother.

Phyllis warns Jack about the possibility of Sharon and Nick getting back together if she gets sent to prison.  Jack, who has been supportive of Phyllis and Daniel during their difficult time, finds the time in his busy schedule to try to keep things cozy with Sharon, by buying plane tickets to France for her, Jack and Noah.  But it might be all for naught because Sharon confides in Neil that she might be falling in love with Nick again.

Colleen Reconnects with Adrian and Disconnects from Brad

Adrian comes back to Genoa City from Prague and reunites with Colleen.  She learns that her father Brad was responsible for Adrian losing the job at the Paris museum.  So Colleen cuts Brad out of her life.  Meanwhile, Adrian discovers from Jana that Brad's real last name is Kaplan.  Colleen confirms this fact and gives Adrian the green light to write about her family in his book, against Brad's wishes.

Finally, The Young and the Restless shows how down with humanitarian aid it is by having Logan tell Brad that she is moving to Malawi with Doctors Without Borders.

Kevin and Jana

Jana has given Kevin power of attorney regarding medical matters, and he struggles with this new responsibility, given the enormous risks involved with the surgery.  Her surgery is scheduled for two week from now, but Kevin asks Michael if there is any way they could force the hospital to make it more immediate.  Jana is still crazy.

Jill and Ji Min Break Up

Katherine has written Jill out of her will, but Jill doesn't care.  She wants to bring her mother down anyway.  Ji Min admits to Jill that he lied about his involvement with Jack and Jabot Cosmetics, which Jill had been suspecting.  So they break up.  Cane vows that no one will mess with either of them again, not Ji Min, not Amber.

Clear Springs Project

Nikki needs to cough up some serious cash in order to keep construction going, and she borrows the money from Victor, using her marital assets as collateral.  David Chow continues to flirt with her, and is concerned that she is putting herself under Victor's thumb again.

Next week on The Young and the Restless, it looks like The Phyllis Newman Show will continue, and we will find out if she has to go to jail.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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