The Young and the Restless: Week In Review 10/22-10/26
The Young and the Restless: Week In Review 10/22-10/26
This week on The Young and the Restless was all about the aftermath of the collapse of the parking structure up at Clear Springs.  Last Friday, JT had discovered a big crack in the cement walls of the parking garage, and just as practically all the residents of Genoa City are inside the garage, the whole structures collapses in a most dramatic way.

The week started out with Sharon, Jack and Nick.  Jack and Nick were relatively unharmed, but Sharon was pinned underneath a slab of concrete with her leg likely broken.  They managed to find a way out, but the exit is blocked by a big beam.  One of them had to stay behind to hold the beam up for the others to make their escape.  Nick and Jack drew straws, and Jack picked the short straw.  Nick and Sharon made it up to the surface, but Jack stayed behind.

Lauren, Maggie and Paul were supposed to take Noah fishing, but instead, somehow they ended up trapped in the garage as well.  Lauren, who has a history of panic attacks and claustrophobia, was lucky to have Maggie and Paul there because both of them are trained to handle disasters.  Noah was badly hurt and suffered internal injuries, but eventually, they are rescued too.  Noah was taken to Genoa City Hospital, and the doctors discovered that he had several cracked ribs and a ruptured spleen, so they did a spleenectomy.  Meanwhile, Phyllis watched the coverage of the tragedy on TV from prison, and called Daniel to tell him to go up to Clear Springs so that he could find out more of what was going on.  Daniel discovered that Amber had been up there and was missing.

Cane, JT and Katherine also survived the collapse, but Katherine was hurt with a broken arm.  Cane and JT left Katherine alone in an elevator and climbed up the elevator shaft to safety.  Amber came to after being knocked unconscious in her car, and after digging her way through the rubble, she found Katherine in the elevator.  Though they were sworn enemies before this, they bonded over their history with bad relationships.  Katherine told Amber that she reminded her of herself when she was younger.  Cane returned from the surface with a harness to lift Katherine and Amber up and out.  JT found out that Victoria and Adrian were also unaccounted for.

The only casualty from the accident was Joe Boddington, the supervisor of the construction site whom JT suspected of taking kickbacks.  I guess that's what you get for being corrupt.

Nikki identified a purse that was recovered from the rubble as Victoria's and was grief-stricken when she realized that Victoria and Adrian were underground too.  But Victoria and Adrian did survive.  Unfortunately, the methane levels on the site continued to rise, resulting in a huge explosion.  Fortunately, the explosion made a clearing for Victoria and Adrian to escape.  Unfortunately, the explosion caused a piece of rebar to pierce Adrian's thigh.  Gritting his teeth through the pain, they slowly made their way to the surface.  Victor drove up to Clear Springs and outfitted the rescue team with high-tech camera equipment.  Using the camera, the rescue team located Victoria and Adrian.  Victor ran into the collapsed structure to rescue them, but stopped because he found Jack, unconscious and lying on the ground.  He carried Jack to safety, while other rescuers went to get Vic and Adrian.  They were just about to the surface when falling debris hit Victoria on the head, putting her into a coma.

Brad was hit in the eye from the explosion and was brought to the hospital.  His injuries are not permanent, however.  Colleen went to the hospital to see her father and to make sure that Adrian was alright.  Victoria's baby's heartrate was unstable at first and her blood pressure was dangerously high, but after a while both her and the fetus' vitals became stable.  The doctors couldn't figure out why she is still unconscious.  Nikki and Victor comforted each other throughout all of this.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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