The Young and the Restless: Week In Review 8/27-8/31
The Young and the Restless: Week In Review 8/27-8/31
Despite testimonies from Noah and Sharon asking for leniency, Judge Chong sentences Phyllis to six years in jail. Phyllis spends the week as if it's her last, spending as much quality time as she can with her family. Noah is saddened, and especially upon learning on the internet of his mother's indiscretion with Brad, he lashes out at all the grownups. When it comes time for Phyllis to go to prison, Summer becomes sick. Phyllis refuses to go, locking herself in her bedroom with the baby.

Shakeup at Jabot

Ji Min, in an effort to get back into Jill's good graces, announces that he is going to go public with the information about Jack's illegal ownership of Jabot. This will hurt everyone in Genoa City, including Jack, Nikki, Victor, and Katherine. David advises Jack to come clean about Jabot, but Jack doesn't agree.

Stolen Loot

Amber realizes that of the thieving trio (herself, Daniel and Kevin), she is the one who is truly in trouble because she doesn't have a rich mommy who will bail her out. She needs to get a hold of the money that disappeared and she that it was Ji Min stole it from her. She remembers seeing him the night she reburied the money. She manages to get a 100 dollar bill from him and with Katherine's support and Carson's help, she is beginning to come up with a plan to make Ji Min take all the blame. Turns out, Ji Min does have the money after all! He is hiding it in his room, and Jill doesn't even know about it.


Jana has brain surgery, despite the risks involved. Daniel finagles his way into the operating room to help keep her calm, since she will be conscious for most of the surgery. Things look like they go horribly wrong during the brain mapping when Jana starts babbling uncontrollably. But after the surgery, it seems that everything is all right; the doctors say that got out as much of the tumor as possible without affecting her speech pathways.

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