The Young and the Restless: September 27 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 27 Live Thoughts
Sharon and Jack wake up to a new morning on The Young and the Restless.  They open the morning paper and find a story about Sharon Abbott in the Life and Styles section.  The article is about how Sharon seems to be moving from one high-profile husband to another, desperate to hang on to her money after having grown up in poverty.

Michael and Lauren bring baby Fen over to visit Gloria, and Lauren is really angry at Gloria for her illegal antics involving the video of Jack.

Victoria sees Victor having breakfast at the Club when Brad also happens by.  Victor, however, unceremoniously tells him to go away.  Brad sees the article of Sharon in the paper.

Everyone is reading the paper today.  Nikki and David included.  David has the perfect plan to solidify Clear Springs' separation from Jack.

Jana's bubbly excitedness over finding Phyllis in prison is really getting on Phyllis' nerves.  Jana exclaims that they are going to be such great friends, which only serves to make Victor's deal more attractive to Phyllis.  Phyllis does her very best to extract herself from the crazy British wench.  Jana gushes about how much they have in common.  Phyllis glares.

Lauren lays into Gloria and Michael about how they continue to break the law whenever they see fit.  Lauren has to have a meeting with Clear Springs, which was supposed to be an investment that would pay for Fen's college fund.

Jack is on the phone at home with someone named Ben about how his wife is off limits from the media.  Brad calls Sharon on her phone to offer his support.  She hangs up when Jack comes back into the room, leaving Brad alone at the Club to sigh into his coffee.

Before Lauren goes to her meeting, Gloria apologizes to her and tells her that she never intentionally hurt her.  Gloria and Michael argue about what she did.  She says that Jack Abbott has treated her family like dirt, so she had to do what she did to get revenge.

Jack tries to make Sharon feel better after the newspaper article fallout.  He says that it's his turn to support her now.

Meanwhile, Brad is flashbacking to the conversation he had with Sharon when he told her that he is the real man whom Sharon belongs with.  Brad approaches Victor, who is still breakfasting, and says that he doesn't want Sharon to be hurt.  Victor barely register's Brad's presence, but does take to heart what he's saying.  Victor espies the journalist who wrote about Sharon across the room and tells her that if she writes another column about Sharon again, it'll be her last.  But she is free to write about Jack's malfeasance and shenanigans to her heart's content.  Of all the characters on The Young and the Restless, Victor should be getting the most screen time.  Malfeasance and shenanigans!

Lauren is in the meeting with Victoria and Nikki.  I can't believe they are making me watch them talking about real estate and mall developments.  This is not interesting.  I try in real life to avoid all talk of real estate because it is so boring, and now I have to watch it on a soap opera!  David says Saks is still in, so Lauren agrees not to pull Fenmore's out of the investment.

Phyllis asks Monopoly Man Warden to be moved to a different cell to get away from Jana.  Jana stops by talking about books and British serial killers, but Phyllis excuses herself.  She not too sneakily buys a phone card from another inmate, but the whole transaction was witnessed by Monopoly Man Warden.

Michael finds Victor and tells him that going after Nikki is hurting his wife.  Victor tells him that he will do nothing to protect him or his wife or his mother.

Jeffrey has arrived at Gloria's door with the box of items that William left for him before he died.  Jeffrey, who has supposedly not lived with William ever since he was a boy, he knows about everything in the box because he says that William labeled everything.  There are some of William's childhood letters, but he doesn't want anyone's fingers on them until he gets archival sleeves.  But he pulls out a pair of gloves that she can use.  They are the very same gloves that Gloria used in when she broke in and tainted the face cream.

Nikki and Victoria are giving a press interview about Clear Springs, but journalist keeps asking about Jack's involvement.  They do their best to allude those questions.

Jack and Sharon, who have just watched Nikki's interview, decide that it's finally time for them to go to work.

David congratulates Nikki and Victoria for handling the questions well.  David and Nikki makes plans to meet in his room at the club later on.

The warden lets Phyllis move cells.

Gloria manages to keep the gloves when Jeffrey leaves.

Sharon shows up at work to see Brad there.  Brad is indignant that Jack is making Sharon stay in the public eye, even after the humiliating newspaper article.  Sneaky Brad presses the intercom button on the phone that goes to Jack's office, and asks her leading questions about her kiss with Nick.  Dun dun dun!  Now Jack knows that Sharon kissed Nick!

At prison, the warden reminds Phyllis that she isn't any different from the other inmates.  He busts her for purchasing another inmate's phonecard with cash, which isn't allowed.  But then, he says that Phyllis' new cellmate is Jana!

Gloria tells Michael and Lauren that Jeffrey knows that she broke into Jabot and contaminated the face cream.

David meets with Mr. Campbell the journalist and suggests that he write a story about the coincidental timing of Ji Min's death.

Jack walks into the room where Brad and Sharon are talking, looking stricken.

Next on The Young and the Restless: The coroner's autopsy report raised questions about the cause of Ji Min's death, Jack tells Brad to stay away from his wife.

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