The Young and the Restless: September 19 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 19 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless begins today with a meeting with Michael, the three felons, Gloria and Nick.  He rehashes that the burned money was found in the airvent in Ji Min's room.  But Daniel, Kevin and Amber were facing multiple felony charges, so even though they don't have to pay back the money anymore, they are still facing prison.  Michael might have a plan to get them out of it, though.

Meanwhile, Jill is reading about the recovered money in the morning paper, accompanied by Katherine and Cane.  She is furious that Ji Min is being portrayed posthumously as a common criminal.

Jack, who is surfing the web, reports to Sharon that 50% of the blogosphere thinks that his incriminating tape is real.

Phyllis, it seems, has earned a phone call.  She calls up Nick.  She says that her visitor privileges have been reinstated, except Nick is still banned from the prison by the warden.  Her hair looks fabulous, by the way.  It seems that taxpayer money is going into providing salon-quality haircare products for the inmates.

Michael's plan is to get the three felons, plus Cane, to testify against the Bonacheck, the rogue federal agent who kidnapped them.  This requires getting Cane on board to help them out, and we all know that Cane hates them all, especially Amber.  Michael offers, as the attorney, to call Cane and convince him.

Meanwhile, Sharon is deeply, deeply disappointed in Jack's continued falsehoods.  She tells him that he can do whatever he wants, but she can't publicly be a part of it.  But she will do a photo op for a program that helps single mothers.

Jill is devastated to learn that she might have been completely wrong about Ji Min all along.

Cane apparently agrees to meet with Michael and the felons.  Everyone pleads and begs with Cane to testify.  Michael says that without Cane on board, their plan B is to sue the federal government for assault and kidnapping, etc.  But he'd rather not have to go that route.  Michael gives Cane some time to make his decision, but he's already made up his mind.  He agrees to testify.

Nick is at the coffeehouse and runs into Heather.  He asks her to use influence to get him permission to visit Phyllis again.  It doesn't go well, and he even offers to make some calls at the DA's office on her behalf.  She says no.  Daniel comes by and throws some barbs Heather-ward.  Nick tells Daniel to go visit Phyllis in jail and then gets on the phone to the Kenosha City mayor's office.  He's a man with a plan.

Jill--big yawn--remembers to Kay that the best tea that she ever had was the special ginseng tea that Ji Min had shipped in from Korea.  Now I know that she is full of it because seriously?  Ginseng tea tastes like worm dirt.  I have had special Korean ginseng tea, so I know of which I speak.  It is truly foul.

Michael finds Heather at the athletic club.  He asks for immunity for all three of his clients, and when she says no, he tells her that they are testifying against the U.S. attorney's office regarding Bonacheck's assault and kidnapping.

Kevin hangs out with mummy dearest at home.  Michael arrives to report that he got the three felons one hell of a deal: two years probation and 90 hours of community service, with no jail time.  He says that "poor Ms. Stevens" no longer knows which way is up.

Daniel goes to prison to visit Phyllis and tell her the good news that there will only be on convict in the family.  She is so relieved that he won't end up in jail like she did.

Amber goes to the coffeehouse and sees Cane.  Cane asks her when she's going to stop following him around, but to be fair, there are only like two establishments in all of Genoa City that she can go to.  She gets a call from Michael and learns the good news.  She is ecstatic and hugs him, but he's still frosty cold.  He says they are even now that she saved his mom and he helped her stay out of jail.

Forgive me, but I don't really understand this deal that Michael cut.  The three felons stole money off of a dead guy, but how will testifying against Bonacheck clear them of their original charges?  Isn't this the legal equivalent of saying, "Look over there!"?

Gloria, Kevin and Michael celebrate their win with caviar.  Gloria crows that she has one son who is a legal eagle and another son who is a technical wizard.  Apparently, Kevin hacked into the Newman computer system and recorded Jack almost admitting that he owned Jabot.  Gloria immediately begins scheming about how they can publicize the video tape, until Michael explodes that for once, he would like to avoid any legal disaster.

Cane is back home with Jill and Kay.  Jill thinks that it was very nice of Cane to testify.  How is it that they are all acting like everything is a done deal?  The felons are celebrating their freedom and Jill is talking like Cane already gave his testimony.

Amber is still at the coffeehouse and is approached by Detective Maggie.  Maggie asks Amber if she has anything more to add about finding Ji Min's body in the hotel room.  Maggie finds it suspicious that Amber rented the same room after Ji Min died there.

Heather is approaches Michael.  She is royally pissed off that Michael blindsided her.  "I'll see you in court," she growls at him.

Gloria and Kevin are looking at the video that Kevin recorded of Jack and Ji Min talking.  Gloria still wants to figure out a way to release it anonymously.  Looks like The Young and the Restless fans will be treated to more highly entertaining corporate shenanigans.  Next thing you know, we'll probably have a storyline in which a main character is accused of stealing office supplies from Newman Enterprises.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Jack thinks he wants to admit to owning Jabot, Brad wants to be with Sharon, Victor says that Jack is goin' down.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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