The Young and the Restless: September 18 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 18 Live Thoughts
We continue right where we left off yesterday on The Young and the Restless, with Amber witnessing Lily and Cane in full lip-lock.  She feels like she wants to throw up.  Poor Amber.

Meanwhile, Devon and Roxanne (guest star Tatyana Ali) are at the office.  He needed to finish up some work regarding an ethanol project.  He is having trouble getting through to the person on the other end, because the person only speaks Portuguese.

Neil and Karen get cozy in the corner at the divorce party.  Neil contemplates marketing the divorce party as a business.  They flirt cutely.  Meanwhile, Colleen spies Daniel and Amber and chews them out for crashing the party.  She tells them to get out.

Daniel snits to Colleen that her thong is in a wad.  Erm.  Colleen tells them to take off, but Amber doesn't want to.  Lily and Cane finally come up for air.  Cane asks Lily if she wants to mingle with him, but she freaks out and runs away to the backroom where she tells Colleen all about it.  Lily wants to just forget it happened because Cane isn't her type.  Colleen asks what her type is, and Lily says, not someone who was married to Amber.

Devon is still working because there is a problem with an electronic fund transfer with his ethanol project.  Excuse me, I thought this was a soap.  Why should we be interested in electronic transfer of funds!  Where are the evil twins?  Where are the long lost children?  Where are the backstabbing and cheating?

Colleen reassures Lily that it's okay and fun to kiss someone new.  Lily agrees, just as long as no one saw them kissing.  Colleen informs her that Amber and Daniel crashed the party, but she isn't sure if they saw the kiss.  Kevin comes in, still upset about Jana, but they are interrupted by the sound of breaking glass out in the club.  Lily goes out to check on the noise.

Neil and Karen are sitting together outside, looking at the stars.  Karen says her favorite star is Betelgeuse, but Neil likes Polaris.  They get romantic and he asks her to dance.  The stare into each other's eyes and are about to kiss when they are interrupted by some exiting party attendees.  They immediately get awkward, and Neil says he has to go back to work anyway.  Karen goes back inside, saying it wasn't a date anyway, as Neil kicks himself for his lapse in judgment.

Cane finally tracks down Lily at the bar and asks if she's okay.  She says she's fine, but she sends an S.O.S. text message to Colleen.  Cane is laying it on thick, but Colleen jumps in to save Lily.  Colleen says that Heather is looking for him, so he leaves.  Lily says that she feels a little funny and suspects that the cranberry juice she had was really alcoholic.  Neil comes over to say good-bye, but smells vodka on her breath and scolds her for underage drinking.  He's especially concerned given his own history with alcoholism.  Lily promises that it was an accident.

Heather bravely asks Cane out to a movie because she is dying to meet people who are not involved in criminal justice.  Kevin interrupts them to ask Heather to dance, but she turns him down.

Daniel sidles up to Lily at the bar.  He asks if she ever wishes that she could call a do-over.  She says that she does all the time, but she can't.  The two reminisce about their prom night and their wedding.  All of a sudden, Lily feels ill and runs off, shrugging off the help that Daniel offers.  I guess I was wrong yesterday.  Instead of drunken wacky hijinx from Lily, I guess we're only going to get drunken vomiting.

Karen and Roxanne, having been abandoned by their workaholic men, hang out at the bar and flirt with Cane.  That Cane, he certainly knows how to flirt.

Neil finds Devon hard at work at the office.  They tease each other about each having left a beautiful woman at the club to do work.  Neil insists that he and Karen are just friends.

Lily is totally a lightweight.  She had like one vodka-cran and she needs to be escorted outside by Colleen.  She's not acting drunk, though.  She's holding her stomach and holding a cold compress to her face.  I'm sorry, that's not really what people do when they are drunk.  It's almost as whoever directed this episode of The Young and the Restless is a teetotaler or something.  Lily and Colleen have a nice BFF moment outside.

Neil and Devon continue their father-son moment.  Neil asks Devon his opinion on whether men have types.  He reminisces about Drusilla, saying that she was definitely an athlete.  He recalls that Dru kicked his butt when they went hiking in France.  Neil says that Karen is really athletic too.  She is beautiful, talented and athletic, but they both agree that she's not Dru.  Neil says that he can't let himself continue with Karen because it feels like cheating.  They decide that it might be best to quit hiding behind work and to go back to the party.

Outside, Lily is bent over, post-vomit.  Cane comes out bearing Pepto.  He says that as a former bartender, he is a trained professional and knows what to do when you get sick from drinking.  He also has soda water and mints, and tells Lily, with a wink, that he also makes house calls.

Adrian is sitting with Heather, discussing Heather's old roommate who was also Adrian's former student.  She leaves to take a call, as Colleen joins Adrian, warning him that although Heather is blond and pretty, she can put away her friends in jail for a very long time.

Amber finds Cane at the piano.  Cane is noodling around on the piano--is there anything this man cannot do?  Amber tells Cane about how she saved his mother, and asks for a second chance.  His response is: "What is it going to take to convince you that we're finished.  I don't want you.  I don't even like you."  Ouch.

Devon comes back to the party and meets Roxanne.  She is in good spirits and having a good time.  They dance.  Neil is also back and runs into Karen in the back office of the club.  She asks him what made him change his mind about coming back to the party, and in response, he kisses her passionately.

Daniel, Kevin and Amber watch Heather the prosecutor.  But she arrives to tell them that Michael just called her.  Apparently, they found ashes of the stolen money in the fire at the athletic club.  Amber plays dumb about it.  Heather tells them to be at her office at ten tomorrow morning.

Lily finds Cane still at the piano.  She asks him if they can forget the kiss, and he agrees.  She wants to be friends.  Devon watches them suspiciously from across the room.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Jack is still fighting with people, Amber is still under suspicion about Ji Min, Heather still wants to put Daniel away.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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