The Young and the Restless: September 12 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 12 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless opens with the seriously annoying histrionics of young Amber Moore and Kevin.  Oh my god, it's like she has only two switches, one for monotone and one for mentally unstable hyena.  Anyway, it's morning and Amber doesn't have any clean clothes left, so she wears Kevin's.  Turns out, it is Daniel's shirt.  Kevin is shirtless, about to take a shower, but Kevin beats him to it.  The doorbell rings, and Amber runs to the door, followed by Kevin.  It's Lily, who looks seriously pissed to see the two looking like they engaged in some hanky-panky all night long.

Sharon runs out of Jack's office to the elevator.  Jack runs after her, but she doesn't want to talk to him.  Brad, who is in the elevator as well, sympathetically clucks.

After the opening credits, we find out that Lily has come over for Daniel to sign divorce papers.  She looks really hurt, but Daniel only half-heartedly explains that nothing is happening them with Amber.  As she turns to leave, Daniel tells her one last time that just because he signed the papers, it doesn't mean that he doesn't love her.  Kevin and Amber come back to console Daniel.  Kevin is mopey because Jana still won't talk to him.  Amber suggests going out to party, but isn't it supposed to be 8am or something?  Amber tries to be like one of the guys.  She wants to make a pact that none of them will have a relationship.

Colleen is at Adrian's unpacking her belongings.  She has a set of pink silicone spatulas, which he objects to because of their pinkness.  God, what is his problem?  But he sure does look suspiciously like he's trying to hide something from her?  Why did he ask her to move in with him if he doesn't want her to see what she has.

At the coffeehouse, JT sees Cane working on some Clear Springs paperwork.  The Young and the Restless has officially lost my interest when filling out paperwork is front and center in a scene.

Sharon and Brad go to the only restaurant in town, at the athletic club, so that Sharon can get some peace and quiet.  Brad has just come back from out of town, so he doesn't know all that has transpired with Jack and the secret recording.  Which means that we are going to be subject to much exposition.  Everybody say yay for exposition!

Adrian and Colleen are in bed.  They are awfully chatty even though just obviously engaged in the wumpity-wump.  They are interrupted from their post-coital bliss by Lily knocking at the door.  Adrian wants Colleen to ignore her, but Colleen says that Lily is her best friend and she needs to see her.

We cut to commercial as Amber tells Daniel that Ji Min had the $700,000 before he died.  After the commercials, Amber fills him in about the hundred dollar bill that Carson identified.  Daniel is furious that Amber didn't go to him and Kevin first.  I really can't stand Amber.  Her grating voice, especially when Adrienne Frantz tries to "act" is really just too much to take.  Daniel gets the idea that they should reserve Ji Min's room at the club.  The money may still be there and they wouldn't be breaking and entering for a change.

Colleen and Adrian are consoling Lily about her man-troubles.  Lily is heartbroken because she was so jealous to find Amber with Daniel.  She wonders out loud, "Where am I going to find another man?"  We immediately cut to Cane and JT, so I guess we get our answer.  Cane is still in the throes of business and supply lists and inventories.  Woah, not inventories!  You don't say!  He has been staring at the inventories for a long time and can come to no other conclusion other than that someone is stealing copper from the construction site.  JT offers to help out.

At the club, Jack has tracked down Sharon and Brad and sits down to join them for dinner.  He is clearly angry, but pretends to smile.

Colleen, Lily and Adrian have brought out the Trivial Pursuit board.  Kevin comes in and immediately makes fun of Colleen's pink spatulas.  You see, the men on soap operas are so manly that they can't possibly understand why anyone would want a pink spatula.  Kevin convinces them to have a housewarming party.

Sharon leaves the table momentarily, and Jack takes advantage of that to tell Brad never to have anything to do with Sharon again.  The two exchange words testily.

Amber and Daniel have arrived at the club.  Apparently, they got Ji Min's room.  What?  Isn't is like a crime scene?  Obviously, the timeline on The Young and the Restless is totally out of whack, but they can just waltz in and request that particular room?  Anyway, as they walk in, Carson hops over and says hi to them.  Carson sees their overnight bags and room keys and gets suspicious.  He follows them to the bar and hovers over them.  They do their best to shoo him away, but he merely just goes and sits over at the next seat.

At Colleen's and Adrian's, Kevin is working on fixing Adrian's laptop.  Colleen suggests having the housewarming party be a celebration of Lily's divorce.

At the club, Carson still has not gone away.  Daniel fakes a phone call and leaves, which gives Carson an opportunity to flirt with Amber.  Cane is conveniently sitting across the room.  Amber and Carson ham up their flirting to make Cane jealous.

Adrian has escaped to the coffeehouse.  Heather walks in and introduces herself.  She says that she was Macy Whitcomb's roommate, and the two talk about her.

Lily and Colleen are at the club looking for Neil so that they can ask him if they can have their party at Indigo.  Um, wasn't it supposed to be a housewarming party too?  Lily and Colleen espy Cane and Colleen convinces Lily to invite him to his party.  Cane agrees.

Amber fakes having to go to the bathroom and calls Daniel who is up in the room searching for the money.  They agree to switch places because Amber wants to search the room herself.

Jack gets a call and leaves the table.  Brad tells Sharon to think of Noah.  Noah will be devastated if he finds out that his mother has been lying to him about Jack's purported veracity on certain matters of fraud.

Up in the room, Amber finds the money in the grating.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Michael advises Amber, Kevin and Daniel, and Victoria warns Victor that he's going to lose his wife.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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