The Young and the Restless: September 11 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: September 11 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: The Lives of White Collar Criminals begins with Sharon confronting Jack on his duplicitous business dealings.  He is slamming down the hard liquor early this morning, but it's probably okay since he doesn't actually have to do any work.  Jack says that Victor had played the tape for him and that was the reason why Jack sold Jabot.  Sharon is deeply, deeply disappointed in him for not letting her in on the dealings.

Nikki and David are in their office planning their next move.  Victoria comes in and is furious that Nikki didn't tell her about her knowledge of the tape.

Cane is still caught in the middle of Jill's feud with Katherine, while Victor watches the news coverage of Jack's fraudulent ways with a bemused smirk on his face.

After the opening credits, The Young and the Restless returns when Nick comes back to Sharon's and Jack's.  Sharon and Jack ask Nick to take Noah for the night to protect him from the brouhaha that will undoubtedly occur around Jack.  The phone rings, but Jack lets the machine answer it.  Nick suggests buying some answering machine tape in bulk, but silly man, most people use voicemail nowadays.  Maybe Nick's amnesia also affects his knowledge of modern technology.

After the first commercial break, Nick rather passive-aggressively accuses Jack of lacking in the morals department.  Only, Joshua Morrow really can't manipulate his face into making any kind of expression, so I can't tell when he's being nice to Sharon from when he's being mean to Jack.  Jack gets all indignant.

Nick and Noah are at home.  Noah asks Nick about what's going on with Jack.  Nick hedges without really answering.

Nikki confronts Victor about whether he was the one responsible for leaking the tape.  He denies everything with nary a glance up at her.  She also reminds him that today is their anniversary.  Victor replies, "Oh, that."  Heh.

Lauren comes over to Nick and Noah's bearing cupcakes.  Noah is obsessed with going to see Phyllis and bringing her stuff.  He is getting a tad one-note.  Can't the grown-ups shut the kid up by telling him that Phyllis is in the slammer and can't see anyone, so shut the heck up?

Karen and Neil are trying to work on the spin with Victor, but Victor tells them to work on the Dobson Pharmaceuticals contract, which is in breach, instead.  He must have something up his sleeve.  But even if he didn't, he really can't shake the scheming look on his face.

Nikki reports to Katherine and Victoria that David is drafting a statement right now.  Katherine wants to call a press conference to bring the story to the press before the press comes to her.  Michael walks in and thinks that's a bad idea.

Cane makes Jill breakfast.  He has turned off her cell and unplugged the phone so that all the calls Jill gets must go through him first.

We rejoin Michael, Katherine, Nikki and Victoria.  Michael tells her that she can't lie that she didn't know that Jack owned Jabot when she bought it.  Michael advises Katherine to tell nothing but the truth today, just not all of the truth.

Nick and Lauren are discussing Jack, Phyllis and Sharon, accompanied by the plaintive plinking of the piano.  Nick says that Jack is going to continue to manipulate people who love him, like Sharon and Noah.

Sharon advises Jack to tell the truth today.  She says that people expect politicians to lie, so if he tells the truth, it might raise his numbers.  He thinks she's being naive, but she wants him to do the noble thing.

Nick asks Lauren to watch the kids for a while so that he can go see Sharon.

Victor runs into Victoria in the office lounge.  Victoria asks Victor if he leaked the tape just to get back at Jack, or to get revenge on Nikki.  Victor, ever evasive as always, merely says that Jack dug his own grave.

Jack now meets with Nikki and Katherine to plan out their next PR move.  Jack reminds them that if the three of them don't stick together, then the project will fall apart faster than their credibility or their funding.

Nick is at Sharon's now.  Nick is concerned about Noah in the middle of the media maelstrom.  Sharon is trying to stay positive and says that Jack loves Noah like his own son, and that the whole thing will blow over in no time.  Nick, permascowl placed firmly on his caveman brow, intones that until it blows over, he doesn't want Noah staying there.

After the break, Sharon says no.  She lives there and Noah is her son.  Nick says that Jack is a criminal and he doesn't want Noah to be around him.  "Just like Phyllis is?  Because you didn't mind when he was spending time with her?" Sharon retorts.  Ooh, snap!  Sharon stands firm on keeping Noah at home with her.

The press conference is now starting.  Jack stands at the podium with Sharon at his side.  Jack says that the conversation that was leaked on the tape did not occur.  He says it was a product of electronic manipulation and it is fake.  He also gives further condolences to Ji Min's family.  Now, it's Nikki's turn to speak.  She eulogizes Ji Min.  Next up, Katherine's turn to speak, and she doesn't deny what was previously said.

Meanwhile, everyone in Genoa City is watching the press conference on TV.  Cane tries to turn his mother's attention away from the TV, but Jill resists.

Noah is playing video games with Nick when Summer starts crying after waking from her nap.  Noah offers to go get her, as Phyllis and Nick's song "Once You Love Somebody" begins playing.

Michael meets Lauren for a drink, but is shortly interrupted by a call on Lauren's phone.  It's her mother who has just broken her hip, and needs Lauren to fly over to take care of her.  Michael and Lauren leave for a quickie before her flight.

After the press conference, Sharon is very disappointed in Jack.  More than his lying, it looks like she is more upset that he didn't discuss what he was going to say with her.  Victor walks in and threateningly informs Jack that the Senate Ethics Committee is going to begin a thorough investigation of his actions.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Brad tells Sharon that he will love and support her.

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