The Young and the Restless: October 23 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 23 Live Thoughts
The rescue effort continues today on The Young and the Restless.  Victor has driven over to Clear Springs.  Sharon is strapped to a stretcher, but Nick is frantic and wants to go back in to look for Noah.  Sharon refuses to go to the hospital until she knows that Noah and Jack are okay.  Victor pleads with Nick not to endanger further lives.  The phone lines are back up so Daniel calls Phyllis, who asks to speak to Nick.

Back underground, Jack is scrambling up to find an exit.  Elsewhere in the wreckage,  Paul and Lauren clear the rubble to dig their way out, while Maggie keeps an eye on Noah, who seems to have internal injuries.  Lauren begs to use Paul's phone to call Michael.  The phone line is breaking up, but she manages to tell him that she loves him and the boys before the line goes dead.

Michael is on the phone with everyone he can get through to.  Gloria and Kevin are with him, providing support.  Michael calls Victor to ask for an update.  Victor promises to call him as soon as he finds anything out, and Michael says that he's immediately driving up to Clear Springs.  Gloria and Kevin are going with him.

Neil and Brad arrive at the scene.  Nikki tells everyone that no one can reach Victoria or Adrian or JT.  Brad and David go off to look for Victoria on the ground.  Victor asks Neil to issue a press statement, and Victor and Nikki go off to do some PR work.

Sharon is so sad and upset about Noah and Jack, and seriously, I'm almost in tears.  I'm not made of stone, people!

Underground, Lauren blames herself for everyone misfortunes because she was the one who asked them all to meet her in the garage, instead of at the lake.

Brad and David have not found Victoria yet.  Brad promises to keep looking.  Neil issued a statement to the press and told them that Senator Jack Abbott heroically helped to rescue Nick and Sharon, and as a result, is still trapped underground.  Nick goes over to check on Sharon, who fell asleep momentarily out of exhaustion.  She wakes up to tell Nick that she just had a dream about Noah.  Seriously, Sharon is really working the almost-grieving mother angle, and is making me teary.

Paul carries Noah, who is in a lot of pain, across a pile of mannequins that fell out of the Fenmore truck.  He helps Lauren and they almost get crushed by another bunch of falling blocks.  Maggie has some apple juice in her bag and gives some to Noah.  Paul hears a noise and he thinks it might be someone else who's trapped.  Paul wants to splice together some car batteries with a lightbulb to get some light, but Lauren reminds him that there was a problem with methane during construction and they can't have sparks.  But I'm calling shenanigans on The Young and the Restless for this because we have seen countless live electrical wires sparking all over the place.  Paul finds a flashlight.  Maggie tries to crack jokes with Noah, but Lauren is panicking.

In prison, Phyllis and Jana watch Neil's press conference.  Phyllis gets so angry that she throws a chair over.  The guard comes over, but Jana covers for her.  Jana tells Phyllis that she's not going to cover for her anymore, and then offers to help her pray for her loved ones.

Underground, Jack continues to try to dig his way out.  But he collapses in a fit of coughing and exhaustion.

Michael, Gloria and Kevin are up at the site.  How long a drive is it up to Clear Springs, anyway?  Gloria says that everything is going to be fine, but that angers Michael, who says that Lauren is claustrophobic and has panic attacks.

Maggie has gotten Noah to sleep for a little while.  There is a loud band, and the resultant crumbling of nearby blocks, which makes Lauren panic even more.

Phyllis calls Michael, and they give each other support.  Michael says that he'll call her back when he has something good to talk about.  The rescue worker tells Victor and Nikki that the entrance of the garage is unstable, which means that they have to slow down the rescue effort.  Michael walks by and overhears this.  Gloria reminds him that Lauren is not alone; Paul and Maggie are with her too.

Underground, Paul asks Lauren to visualize happy thoughts.  She sees her boys and her husband.  She also sees Paul, her knight in shining armor.  Maggie watches them with jealous eyes as Paul bring Lauren to his chest in a comforting hug.

Jana calls Kevin and asks for any more information he can find, but he has none.  She makes him promise that he won't go near the structure, and he says that his station is the computer.  Another inmate tries to change the channel on the day room TV, Phyllis goes ballistic and tries to start a fight, but Jana breaks it up.  Gloria says that as soon as Lauren is safe, they are going to take her to a spa to relax.  This only angers Michael, who says that if it weren't for Nikki's grand vision of having a spa, Lauren wouldn't be in this situation.  Lauren had her doubts about investing in the development all along.

Maggie discovers that Noah is spiking a fever, so Paul offers to break into a car to find some water to make a compress.  Lauren  admires who cool-headed Maggie is.  Finally, they hear someone calling down to them.  It's the cavalry!

Everything is done in slow motion now, with dramatic music playing.  Noah is pulled out first in a sled, Sharon looks so relieved and Nick runs over to his son's side.  Next out is Lauren, then Maggie, then Paul.  Michael runs over and encircles Lauren in a big hug.  Phyllis and Jana are relieved to see on the news that Noah is okay.

Paul and Maggie hug.  She calls him her hero.  He says that he wants to stay around to see how he can help out.  Lauren tells Daniel that Amber was up in Clear Springs, which sends him into panic mode.  He calls her cell, but only gets her voicemail.

Jack is still digging his way out, but is stopped by a fresh new mini-avalanche of falling debris.

Elsewhere in the parking structure, Katherine is just coming too.

Next on The Young and the Restless, more aftermath.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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