The Young and the Restless: October 9 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 9 Live Thoughts
On today's The Young and the Restless, Lily excited reports to Devon that she got a 98 on her hardest midterm.  That means ice cream night for the two sibs.  Devon offers to get the ice cream, as Lily ribs him for his unadventurous flavor preferences.  Neil, flirting relentlessly, invites Karen over to his apartment to celebrate Lily's academic prowess with the aforementioned ice cream and boardgames.

Jack and Sharon return home after a no-doubt horrendously busy day at the office.  Jack bitches about his woes: the senate ethics committee breathing down his neck, the tabloids and now the police questioning him about his involvement with Ji Min's death.  Sharon tells him that she still loves him.

In related news, Maggie asks Paul what Jack is afraid of.  What is he trying to hide?  Paul reminds her that Jack has a constitutional right to have an attorney present, and that's not supposed to make her think that he's guilty.

Jack asks Sharon what he should do.  Sharon says that the police think Jack has something that they want.  So if he agrees to help them, then they will have to agree to help him.

Cane finds Lily at the coffeehouse.  He has bought her a book on Australian slang to help her with her cultural anthropology class.  Devon says that she's not taking that class, forcing Lily to quickly cover her tracks.  After Cane leaves, Devon rather self-righteously gives her guff for being interested in such an older man.  Ugh.  I don't like Devon right now.

Maggie and Paul continue to discuss Jack and Ji Min.  They guess that Jack must have gotten into a fight with him, triggering events that led to Ji Min's death.  Maggie gets a call from the forensics lab, who found something on Ji Min's body that might give an indication of what transpired.  She leaves to find out what it is.

Jack meets with Katherine at the club.  He tells her that he's trying to cut a deal with the district attorney's office.  Jack asks Katherine to play the innocent victim, especially to the assistant D.A.  He is going to arrange a meeting, perhaps tonight.

Lily tells Colleen about Cane and the book.  She discovers that Cane inscribed the book with "I'd love to show you my country some day.  In the meantime, have a great read.  Cane."  Lily is excited and giddy to realize that Cane must be thinking about her.

Maggie asks Jill if she or Ji Min had dogs or had any contact with any dogs.  Jill asks why, but Maggie can't tell her anything specific.

Jack and Sharon meet with Heather and Katherine.  Jack says that he has made his involvement in Jabot already transparent.  Jack says that he wants to help Maggie's investigation, but he has to protect himself from lies and abuse.  He says that if Heather can promise not to prosecute him about Jabot, then he will cooperate with Maggie's investigation without condition.  But the senate ethics committee may be calling him tomorrow, so if she wants to question him, then she should do it tonight.

Neil tells Devon and Lily to wait for ice cream until Karen gets there.  The kids are not terribly pleased that there will be an interloper in their ice cream night.

At home, Jack is too distracted to work, like that's ever stopped him before.  Jack gets a call: the D.A.'s office just contacted the police department and struck a deal.  If Jack gives the police anything on Ji Min, the D.A. will not prosecute him.

Karen arrives at ice cream night to a frosty reception from the kids.  Lily immediately leaves the room, and it's because the hat Karen is wearing, a hideously fugly leopard-patterned hat, is exactly like the hat that Drusilla used to wear.  Coincidentally, she bought it at a thrift store, the very same store where Neil donated a bunch of Dru's old clothes.  It is the same hat.  Karen tries to leave because she feels uncomfortable, but Neil begs her to stay.

Heather and Maggie come over to Jack's house to question him again.  Maggie asks Jack how he talked Ji Min out of giving the interview.  Jack says he didn't persuade him.  Jack is clearly uncomfortable because, if you remember, he threatened to kick Ji Min's grandparents out of their home in Korea if Ji Min went through with his interview.

Things are very awkward at the Winters' household.  Lily and Devon are very rude to Karen, making her flustered.  Karen accidentally drops ice cream on the deck of cards they are playing with.  Devon bitches that their mom bought them that deck.

Jack finally admits to Maggie and Heather that he bought Ji Min's family's home in Korea to use as leverage against him.

Lily and Devon mock Karen behind her back.  Karen, in a kind gesture, gives Drusilla's hat to Lily.  After Karen leaves, Neil tells his kids to stay put so he can scold them.

Maggie asks Jack if he got into a fist fight with Ji Min.  Jack gets angry and says no.  Maggie and Heather tell Jack and Sharon that Ji Min most likely died as a result of a homicide.  I've done a little research--research that The Young and the Restless clearly did not do--and I have found that dying from a collapsed trachea is a terrible and horrible and messy way to die.  It's horribly messy.  Yet, when Amber found Ji Min's body in the hotel room, he was lying quietly on his back with nary a drop of blood anywhere, as if he were merely asleep.  I'm going to chalk this up to poor research, however, and not to a twist in the plotline.

Neil reads Lily and Devon the riot act for the way they treated Karen tonight.  They lamely say that they do like Karen.  He is embarrassed of their behavior and speculates that Drusilla would be embarrassed too.  Neil says that if they ever act that way in his home again, they are not welcome anymore.

Jack rehashes the night with Sharon.  Jack realizes that the situation is never going to end for him.  He feels paranoid for a homicide that he didn't have a part in.

Maggie goes to the coffeehouse to tell Paul that she got what she needed: a sample of Jack's dog's hair to test against the dog hair that the coroner found on Ji Min's body.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Nikki tells Victor that David is not the reason she wants a divorce, Brad plans on being very involved with raising Victoria's son if he turns out to be Brad's as well.

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