The Young and the Restless: October 4 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 4 Live Thoughts
Lily and Colleen open today's episode of The Young and the Restless in the gym.  They still obsess girlishly about Cane.  Lily insists that Cane isn't interested in her because she's too young, and Colleen continues to say that Cane is checking her out from across the room.  He is, that.

Sharon, in a goddess-like white dress lights candles in the dining room and tries to get Jack in the mood.  He says he can't get into the mood because he has too much on his mind, and leaves the room abruptly.  Poor Sharon is left alone to blow out the candles by herself.

Kevin and Gloria drink scotch together.  Gloria says that all the talk about Jack is reminding everyone about the contaminated face cream from Jabot cosmetics.  Gloria's face is very, very smooth from all the Botox, but sadly, her old-lady neck wrinkles give away her age.  She asks Kevin to steal the jar of face cream from Jeffrey that William sent him before he died.  Kevin is not pleased.

Colleen and Lily are showered and dressed after their workout, but then come back to the gym to give Cane a CD.  Lily brings him her favorite and then makes a hasty retreat.  Neil and Karen also come over to the gym.  Neil and Karen have dinner in 45 minutes at Neil's apartment to go over some work stuff and invite Cane to come too.

Kevin refuses to help Gloria.

Jeffrey runs into Jill at the GCAC to ask her about William's investigation into the product contamination before he died.

Jack comes back to Sharon to apologize for walking out on her.  He says he's disillusioned, but not because of her, and apologizes for everything else too.  These two kids may just make it work after all.  He wants to light the candles and turn the music back on.  Sharon said she got all this fancy food, but she's really in the mood for pizza.  Jack lights up and calls for pizza delivery.

Lily and Devon get ready for dinner with Neil and Karen.  Lily got takeout.  Lily is surprised to see Cane here too.  There's awkwardness all around, which doesn't escape Neil's fatherly eyes.  They all hold hands and Neil asks Lily to lead them in prayer.  Neil asks them to take a moment to pray for those who are no longer with us, giving Cane time to eye Lily from across the table.

Michael comes home to tell Gloria that Jeffrey is undertaking legal measures to take Gloria's inheritance away from her.  She gets paranoid, which makes Michael worried.

Jill fills in Jeffrey about the Jabot face cream scandal.  She says that William was probably very close to finding out who sabotaged the face cream before he died.  Jeffrey is beginning to connect the dots.

Brad calls Sharon in the middle of their pizza dinner, but she quickly gets rid of him.

Lily begs Colleen to come over to save her from the awkwardness of having Cane there, but she can't.  Colleen has a study session and promises to finish as quickly as she can.  At dinner, Devon leaves to take a call and Neil and Karen leave the table to look at some photographs.  That leaves Cane and Lily alone at the table.  He tells her that he is meeting Heather at the coffeeshop later, and she gets flustered and jealous.  Cane tells Lily that he finds her very attractive, only too young, but they shouldn't let that make them feel self-conscious when they see each other around town.

Jeffrey calls Gloria after finishing his conversation with Jill.  Gloria makes an excuse for meeting him.  She also asks him for the jar of face cream from among William's effects.  Jeffrey is definitely suspicious.

Jack gives Sharon a shoulder massage on the couch.  Brad calls her again and leaves a message on her voicemail, telling her that he'll always be there for her.

After dinner, Lily clears the dishes as the grown-ups get down to business talk.  Devon susses out that Lily's bad mood is because of Cane.

Gloria arrives at the bar just as Jeffrey is getting a phone call.  It's his lawyer who tells him that he has no legal stand at all to William's fortune, meaning Gloria will get every dime.  He is not happy to hear this.  He goes back to Gloria.  They toast to William.  Gloria brings a book of Shakespeare sonnets and asks for the face cream in return.  He gives it to her, but it's not the real one.  She flashbacks on her slightly unhinged journey through time when she contaminated the cream to get back at Jack and Ashley.

Jack and Sharon are still cuddling on the sofa. 

At Neil's, Karen tells Neil that she likes seeing him in the home setting.  Among The Young and the Restless couples, these two are pretty cute.  Davon says good-bye to them and to Lily and Cane who are sitting on the couch.

Gloria is scooping out the cream from the jar back.  Michael asks her if it's the same cream, but she says it is.  He tells her that she should destroy the jar too.  But it's to no avail because Jeffrey has the real one.

Sharon and Jack make love on the couch.  People sit on that couch!  At the same time, Brad is on the phone, telling a reporter that Nick Newman has been pursuing Senator Abbott's wife.

Next on The Young and the Restless: JT wants to be the best person he can be for Victoria, Victor yells at Nikki.

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