The Young and the Restless: August 27 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: August 27 Live Thoughts
Today's episode of The Phyllis Newman Show, er, I mean The Young and the Restless, everyone is registering shock at Sharon's request for leniency on behalf of Phyllis.

Adrian has brought Jana a book at the hospital.  Jana says that she used to be worried about Colleen's affection for Kevin, but she now thinks they are just like brother and sister.

Speaking of the devils, Kevin and Colleen are at the coffeehouse discussing Jana's surgery.  Colleen sweetly offers him her support if he needs anything.

Siphyllis (TM Nola from the BuddyTV Young and the Restless Forum) wants to go home and celebrate, but Neil, who has come back to the courthouse snits that it may be too early for her to be celebrating so soon.  By the way, Nola is a genius because syphilis is always funny.  Except, you know, when it's not.

We return from commercials at the Winters'.  Neil, Lily and Devon are furious with Sharon for defending Siphyllis, even though Sharon was one of Drusilla's closest friends.  Lily is most upset, but Devon tries to understand it from Sharon's point of view.

Siphyllis is back home now with Nick and Daniel.  She holds Summer as she says again that it might be her last night with her.  She is also full of remorse that she may have been involved with Dru's death, and feels badly for Neil.

Colleen comes home to Adrian with dessert.  They try to canoodle, but they are interrupted by Kevin.  The restaurant switched Kevin's and Colleen's orders, which is why he has shown up at Adrian's Colleen's.  Adrian is none to pleased at the prospect of spending his dinner hour with his rival.

In between scenes with grownups, we are treated to scenes of Sharon and Jack explaining the finer points of criminal law to young Noah.  I won't mention it again until something interesting actually happens, instead of the exposition.

Kevin seems to be making himself at home at Adrian's and Colleen's.  Colleen invites him to have dinner, to which Adrian reluctantly agrees, but Kevin gets a call on his cell from a doctor who wants to meet with him right away.  He is ecstatic and skips out.

Michael and Lauren are chatting and laughing in subdued celebration with Siphyllis, Nick and Daniel.  Meanwhile, Noah calls her to make sure she's doing okay.  She tells him she is, and then talks to Sharon.  She thanks Sharon for her testimony today and admits that it is more than she deserved.

Nikki is going over paperwork with Neil in his office, and rehash the hearing.  Neil says that he can't take things for granted because things could all change.  Nikki hears the subtext in his words and stares off into space.

Siphyllis continues to act like she is dying.  She tells Daniel that if she has to go to jail, she wants Daniel to have full access to her savings.

Sharon feels guilt that she defended Phyllis at the cost of Neil and his family.  She's worried that they might think she betrayed them, so she resolves to call them tonight to settle things.

At the hospital, the doctor explains to Kevin and Jana about her surgery tomorrow.  They are going to operate very early in the morning, and she will be awake during the surgery so they can assess her conscious brain functions throughout.  I don't know, it seems awfully fast to be doing this.  And why aren't there more doctors in the room to explain the procedure?  Surely, this doc won't be the only one in the room?  It seems like a big deal, but they are treating it like an appendectomy.

Lily and Devon hang out for dinner at Adrian's and Colleen's.  Colleen stressing out about cooking, and my word, Tammin Sursok cannot act.

Sharon runs into Nikkie who snit at each other about their respective positions at the hearing.  Nikki asks Sharon where her 'I Love Phyllis' t-shirt is, and Sharon says, "Oh, they didn't have my size.  All I have is my 'Just say no to Nikki' shirt."  Ooh, snap!  Sharon also runs into Brad, who says he understands why she did what she did.

Jana has a pre-op freakout to Kevin.  She says that if she doesn't make it through the surgery, she's going to wake up in hell next to serial killers and the like.  Kevin assures her that he's forgiven her for all the things she did to him, and they share a kiss.

Finally, Sharon finds Neil.  She tells him that she owes him an explanation.  But we don't get to hear any of it until after the break.

After the break, Sharon explains that she didn't set out to hurt Phyllis and she wasn't forced to testify the first time around.  Sharon says that she didn't want to be responsible for keeping Siphyllis from her kids.  Neil rebuts that although everyone has been hurt, he and his family has been hurt more than anyone else.  He wants revenge and nothing else, because Siphyllis is still alive and his wife is gone.  Sharon hugs him, but he doesn't look too happy.

J.T. and Victoria have dinner with Nikki.  Victoria informs Nikki that she is having a boy.  Nikki looks happy and they share a hug.

Meanwhile, Brad is brooding in the corner, slamming down some kind of hard liquor.  He leaves a message on Colleen's phone, saying he's sorry about the way they left things.  Colleen listens to the message as Lily and Devon leave after dinner.  Once they are alone, Adrian and Colleen get cozy, and he asks her to move in with him.  She looks happy, but doesn't get a chance to answer because we immediately cut to Kevin and Jana.  He has brought her a present in a Tiffany's-esque blue bag.  It's not jewelry in the bag, though; Kevin brought her a framed photo, a memento of the night he told her he loved her.  But something goes horribly awry, as is common on The Young and the Restless.  Jana keels over and convulses on the bed as Kevin frantically calls a nurse to the room.

Daniel shows up at the same restaurant where Jack and Noah are eating.  Jack admonishes Daniel to stay positive.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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