The Young and the Restless: August 20 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: August 20 Live Thoughts
Kevin and Colleen are discussing the pros and cons of Jana's surgery when Colleen gets a call from Adrian who wants to meet her.

Sharon is watching Noah who wants to go see Phyllis.  He skips off and she reluctantly follows.

Back at Phyllis's, Phyllis, Nick, Daniel and Michael continue to discuss the fallout of wig-gate, when there is a knock on the door.  An officer appears to deliver a motion to have Phyllis's bail revoked.

Michael exposits that a photo of Phyllis was taken at the airport with the wig on.  Michael finds out that Paul Williams was the one who provided the photo.

Phyllis, who looks not a day older than her son Daniel, gives instructions for the baby to him, in anticipation for having to go to jail.  Amber calls Daniel on his cell; they exchange words of little significance.  Noah and Sharon come to the door, and Noah tells Phyllis that he doesn't want her go to jail.

Colleen arrives to meet Adrian.  They hug and exchange awkward pleasantries.  He has brought her a necklace from the Czech Republic and puts it on her.  They start to kiss, but she doesn't look into it.  He also brought her a book of poetry by Georges Sand from a rare bookstore in Paris.  There is something fishy about his backstory about where he's been. 

Amber and Kevin continue to bicker about their brush with the law.  Spurred by Phyllis's bad luck, Amber is freaking out, afraid that they will all go to jail.

Noah insists that he wants to stay with Phyllis, but since she has that pesky hearing to go to, but they convince him to go hang out at the club with Daniel.  With Noah now out of the way, Phyllis accuses Sharon of tipping Paul Williams on Phyllis's attempted flight, but Sharon denies it.  We cut to commercials with the two women glaring at each other with Nick in the middle.

Back with Colleen and Adrian.  Colleen fills in Adrian on the Jana's brain tumor and surgery, making Adrian suspicious about her feelings for him.

Phyllis and Nick show up at the courthouse for her newly scheduled hearing.  She bumps into Paul.  She threatens to have Paul put in the cell next door to hers for holding her captive for weeks.  Paul looks worried.

After the break, Adrian goes to the hospital to meet Jana.  She jokes that her medical procedures aren't serious, "just brain surgery."  She apologizes for everything she's done to him and asks for his forgiveness.

Amber, joins Daniel and Noah at the club.  They start to play a game of two-on-three basketball.

Sharon, not learning her lesson, continues to discuss Phyllis with Brad, as if talking to him didn't cause the whole revoking of bail in the first case.

In the courtroom, Heather makes the case for revoking Phyllis's bail.  The judge sternly asks Phyllis to state her case.  For once, she tells the truth.  She admits that she wanted to protect her and wanted to run away.  But she came back to the hearing because she couldn't bear to take baby Summer away from her husband and because running away with Summer meant that she had to abandon her other child Daniel, and she couldn't bear to do that again.  She is actually pretty convincing, and it looks like everyone is softening as we go to commercial break.

Brad reveals to Sharon his concerns about his daughter, Colleen.  Wow, another parent-child pair who look like they are the same age.

Uh oh, Jana is going crazy again!  She starts babbling about not needing her appendix removed.  See?  She needs brain surgery, not an appendectomy.  Ergo, Jana = crazy!  This might be because Adrian just told her that he is investigating her family regarding something like stolen Nazi artwork that her family is involved with.

The judge has made his decision.  Apparently, Phyllis speech worked.  She is allowed to remain free on bail, as long as she wears a monitoring advice and checks in with parole.  She is ecstatic; Heather, naturally, looks bummed.

Jana is surprisingly lucid after getting her blood taken.  Adrian wastes little time in asking her questions about the ties between the stolen art and Brad Carleton.  Channeling the Drusilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jana says mysteriously, "He's been living with someone for years..."

Phyllis, sporting the latest fashion in monitoring technology on her ankle, goes home to hang out with her family.  Daniel is still worried because he still has to go to trial for his own misdemeanors.

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