The Young and the Restless: August 30 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: August 30 Live Thoughts
It is still Phyllis's last day of freedom on The Young and the Restless.  Siphyllis, Daniel and Nick are putting on a brave face for Noah, who is sulking in the corner with his gameboy.  Phyllis is wearing a very fetching mulberry-colored asymmetrical top.  The three grownups just finished playing basketball with Noah, and now are grilling hot dogs and burgers.  Jack, sans Sharon, goes to say goodbye to Phyllis.

After the opening credits, Phyllis puts Summer to bed.  Daniel leaves to take care of some business.  Just outside the screen door of Phyllis's house, he calls Amber at the coffeehouse.  Amber is still inspecting Ji Min's hundred dollar bill.

Noah is still pouty.  Nick asks him to be nice to Phyllis on her last night, but he refuses.  At least the writers are making him act his age now.  There's nothing creepier than a precocious 10-year-old.  Victor arrives at Phyllis's to announce that he is planning on purchasing an autumn colt.

Jill tells Katherine that she's thinking of taking Ji Min back, but Katherine warns her not to.  Jill drops the bomb that she's asked Ji Min to go public about Jack and Jabot, which will ruin Katherine. 

After the commercial break, Katherine realizes that Jill is doing this only to get back at Katherine.  Ji Min arrives and tells the women how he is going to spin his tale.  He is going to say that he joined the company without knowing anything was wrong, and by the time he found out, it was too late to get out.

Victor has brought Phyllis a bag full of books, including Crime and Punishment and 100 Years in Solitude.  Hee.

Phyllis and Nick are on the couch when Jack arrives to say goodbye.  They hug, while Nick looks at them morosely.  After the commercial break, Jack says that he called the warden on Phyllis's behalf to keep an eye on her for him.  Phyllis and Jack exchange kind words.  Noah comes in, sees Jack and asks to go home with him.  There is some awkwardness, but Phyllis defuses the situation by letting him go home.

At the coffeehouse, Sharon is picking up a to-go order when Daniel approaches.  He thanks her for her kind words at the hearing, and she says that she did it merely for the sake of all the kids involved: Daniel, Summer and Noah.

Jill and Ji Min discuss their plan.  Ji Min is still planning to go through with their plan, but he's worried that Jill already told Katherine the plan because he doesn't want any outside interference.

Katherine goes to meet Victor to tattle on what Jill and Ji Min will be doing.  Victor is not terribly worried about it.

Jack and Noah are at the door, but Noah barely acknowledges Phyllis.  She tells him that she loves him.  She says she understands that he is upset with her right now, but she knows that he loves her just like she loves him.  Noah leaves without saying anything, but then runs back to give Phyllis one last hug.  Aww.

Amber and Daniel are still chilling at the coffeehouse when Heather comes by.  Heather asks Amber if she's made a decision about the deal she offered her yesterday.  Amber refuses to talk without her lawyer present.  Daniel and Heather exchange harsh words about Phyllis's and Daniel's cases.

Nick and Phyllis have their umpteenth conversation about taking care of Summer and Noah while she's in prison.

Jack brings Noah home.  Is Jack ever not wearing a suit?  Sharon is heartbroken and upset with Phyllis for putting Noah through emotional turmoil.  The phone rings and it is Victor, calling for Jack.

Phyllis and Nick go through old photos that she wants to scan.  She finds a picture of Daniel when he was a baby, and Nick remarks that he looked like Summer.  I refuse to recap what they are talking about because it is nothing new.

At the senator's mansion, Sharon hears Fisher the dog, but can't find him.  She eventually finds him locked in the closet.

Amber shows Daniel Ji Min's hundred dollar bill and explains that Ji Min was there when she reburied the money.

Katherine calls Jill to tell her not to go through with her plan.

Jack has gone to Victor's office and has just learned of Ji Min's plan.  Jack is pissed off, but is not concerned about any fallout.  He thinks the press won't make a big deal about it because all he claims he did was save his father's company.  And plus, Katherine, not Jack, owns Jabot.  Victor insinuates that the fallout from the story might cost him a seat in the senate.

Sharon confronts Noah about why he locked the puppy in the closet.  Noah says that Fisher was bad, so he locked him in jail, just like Phyllis.  Noah asks if the judge can change his mind about sending Phyllis to jail.  Hm, foreshadowing?

Phyllis shows Nick how to use her computer, on which she had written a journal documenting Summer's birth and upbringing.  Nick must continue the journal whilst Phyllis is in the slammah.

Daniel and Amber are in front of the computer.  They search online for ways to track the money that Ji Min gave Amber.

Jack barges into Jill and Ji Min's home and chews them both out.  Jack growls, "You do not want to take me on," but Ji Min counters, "I don't take well to threats, and you have a lot more to lose than I do."  Tension!

In the final minutes of The Young and the Restless, Katherine demands to know what Victor is up to.  He has millions tied up in loans but seems unconcerned about Jill and Ji Min's plans.  It looks like Victor does have something up his sleeve.

Jack is back home Sharon and the dog, discussing Noah's attitude.  This is exactly what Sharon was afraid would be happening.  Noah had gotten so attached to Phyllis and now he's heartbroken.

Phyllis and Nick kiss passionately.  They make love for the last time before Phyllis goes to prison.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Katherine approaches Ji Min, Amber considers snooping on Ji Min.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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