The Young and the Restless: October 17 Live Thoughts
The Young and the Restless: October 17 Live Thoughts
On The Young and the Restless today, Nick brings Summer to see Victoria at the coffeehouse.  Victoria is getting ready for the birth of her baby as best she can.  She is still semi-paralyzed with superstition, so she's not counting all of her chickens yet, but Nick assures her that it's her time.  Jill comes by and says hi.  She says that she's coping but still anxious to find out more about Ji Min's death.  I'm surprised she didn't blurt out that Jack is the main person of interest in the case.

Cane comes by to ask Jill if she wants to get lunch.  Cane finds the napkin he doodled on while flirting with Lily, but Heather interrupts his reverie.

Lily and Colleen are comparing quiz grades when Adrian comes in.  Lily realizes that she doodled Cane's name in the margin of her quiz.  She checks her email, and gets interrupted by an instant message from IBRomeo, which reads "I Miss U."

We cut to Daniel on his computer at the coffeehouse.  I think he's the one who sent Lily the IM.  Amber interrupts to tell Daniel that she wants to get her record deal off the ground, and even wrote a song for it.  The song is about the impromptu basketball game she and Daniel played against Heather and Cane yesterday.

Victoria and Nick discuss the details of how the Clear Springs resort is not doing well, but they brainstorm ideas on how to jumpstart the PR.

Heather flirt with Cane, but Cane says that he's swamped with work.  He promises that when he gets the chance, he will take her up on her offer for a rematch in basketball.

Lily tells Colleen that IBRomeo was the screen name that Daniel used to use when Lily was away at boarding school.  She was IBJuliet.  But it turns out that this particular message was from Mia, one of the few friends that Lily made while she was at boarding school.  Mia doesn't know that Lily and Daniel are divorced now.

Victor wants to see Victoria and Nick in his office right away.

Lily is distracted from her blast from the past.  She and Colleen run into Daniel in the hallway, and Lily runs away.  Daniel tells Colleen that he knows that Lily is into Cane, but that Cane is playing her with the prosecutor Heather.

Amber is on the phone with the record producer.  She says that she'll pay $15,000 in cash.

Victoria and Nick tell their father that they have Clear Springs under control, but he asked them to his office for some other matter.  He gives Victoria a gift.  It's a baby name book.  Victoria decides to give up some of her superstition and not continue to live in fear of her past miscarriage.  She decides that she wants to enjoy every minute of her pregnancy and allow her family to enjoy it too.

Victoria browses the book.  She likes Colin and Igor, but she pronounces Igor like "eager."  It's nice to see Victor happy.

JT is on the phone with Cane.  JT has an idea that someone on the construction team is pocketing kickbacks, making Chancellor Enterprises lose money.  Cane tells JT that he needs to find concrete proof.

Adrian is leaving for a business trip up to Clear Springs, so he gives Colleen a big kiss at the coffeehouse.  Heather, despite her busy-bee schedule as a prosecutor and part-time student, has time to saunter in during the middle of the day.  Colleen asks if Heather and Cane are being romantic.  Lily arrives at this moment.  Heather says that she and Cane are hanging out and that their first kiss was definitely not a disappointment.  Upset, Lily leaves in a hurry with Colleen at her heels.

Cane and Jill have lunch, but Jill is miles away because she's distracted by another dream she had about Ji Min last night.  Jill is getting a tad one-note.  She tells him the news that Jack Abbott was caught on security camera coming out of Ji Min's room.  Cane is sure that it wasn't Amber, even though he doesn't have feelings anymore.  He says the things he's looking for in a woman is class, brains and beauty.  Jill thinks he's talking about Heather, but Cane denies it.  We all know that he's after Lily.

Nick is on the phone trying to find a babysitter for Summer when Victoria comes by.  Victoria would babysit, but she's headed up to Clear Springs.  Victoria is thinking that she might name her baby Christian, which is Victor's real name.

If you haven't already heard, The Young and the Restless is about to have some exciting new storylines that take place up in the Clear Springs development in a few days.  So far, the characters who are planning to go up there are: Sharon, Nick, Victoria, JT is already up there, Adrian, Cane.  I think that's it so far, but my guess is that the entire population of Genoa City will be up there by this time on Friday.  Stay tuned!

Lily tells Colleen that finding out that Cane is kinda sorta seeing Heather might be a good thing.  Seeing the instant message today reminded her of what it was like to be so in love with Daniel.  Even knowing what she knows now, she would marry Daniel again.

Jill tells Cane that the difference in age between herself and Ji Min didn't matter at all, which gets Cane thinking that maybe he should go after Lily at all.

Amber bounces ideas off Daniel for her CD.  Nick interrupts and asks Daniel to watch Summer while he goes up to Clear Springs.  Nick pauses and asks Amber if she works there.  Oh, snap!

Up at the construction site, JT asks Joe the foreman to check out the cement pouring.

Victor's playing with Summer and talking to her with his version of baby talk.  It's really cute.  He wants to buy Summer a pony!  He says that he realizes how lucky he is to have them around.

Cane takes out his Lily napkin again and decides to call her.  Lily is studying with Colleen when she gets the call.  She turns off her phone, however.

Victor tells Nick that he wants the two of them to build the cradle for Victoria's baby.

Victoria is on the phone with JT.  She's about to drive up to Clear Springs.  Nick offers to drive her up there after he goes to see Phyllis, but Victoria refuses.  She'll call him when she gets there.  There's a lot of build up to her getting to Clear Springs safely, so my spidey sense is telling me that something might happen on the way there.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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