The 'X Factor' Top 9 On Tonight's Thankful Songs, Their Thanksgiving Plans
The 'X Factor' Top 9 On Tonight's Thankful Songs, Their Thanksgiving Plans
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Tonight, just in time for Thanksgiving, the X Factor top 9 acts will perform songs about gratitude. Either perfect or perfectly awkward timing, given Astro's ungrateful outburst last week, depending on how you look at it.

Nine is finally a manageable-enough number for the X Factor website to share tidbits from all the acts, so today the site posted a fun list of quotes from the performers about their Thanksgiving plans. The acts also previewed their song choices for tonight's show to the Hollywood Reporter. (Unfortunately for two of the acts, those choices will help lead to their elimination on Wednesday, which may make for a very unhappy Thanksgiving indeed.)

Check out what the X Factor top 9 had to say about their thanks-singing and Thanksgiving plans this week:

Josh Krajcik on his thankful song: "The song this week is going to be an emotional one for me. I'm going to show an element of myself that America hasn't seen yet. I'm excited about it. I just want to show them what I'm capable of week to week. And I've barely touched that in this competition. So, it's going to be great."

Josh Krajcik's Thanksgiving plans: "I'm going to spend it with my family. I want to cook a turkey for them. I love cooking a turkey. Last time, it was out of sight. So hopefully we get the day off and we can sit down and have a great meal. My grandma Judy had this cabin in the woods and we would go there every year. It was fun to go there, have a fire, and eat together."

Lakoda Rayne's thankful song: Paige Ogle said, "We can't exactly tell you who we're dedicating the song to, because that's a surprise. The artist that we picked is thankful, she's grateful - it's everything we want to convey if we get that big. The artist in particular has helped us overcome so much in our lives, whether it be bad times, good times. I can't tell you any more."

Lakoda Rayne's Thanksgiving plans: Dani Knights said, "I'm going to be with my family because I'm 40 minutes away from L.A. So I'll definitely be home with my dogs, my family, and nice calming music and a lot, a lot of food. I can't even explain how excited I am!" As for the other girls - Paige Elizabeth, Hayley Orrantia, and Cari Fletcher, they all screamed "turkey!" and said they hope to spend it with their families.

Melanie Amaro on her thankful song: "My song this week is a dedication to God. It's a big part of me. With him, I can be whatever I want to be. I can be anything. I can be the greatest. So, that's my dedication, it's to God." 

Melanie Amaro's Thanksgiving plans: "I'm going to have turkey and sing. My favorite Thanksgiving memory is Thanksgiving with my grandma."

Astro on his thankful song: "I don't want to describe the song I'm performing, but it's dedicated to my fans. That's all I'm going to tell you about it. Hopefully, people will enjoy it."

Astro's Thanksgiving plans: "I don't know yet. I know I'm going to have a lot of food. I love being with my family, all happy, we're all making jokes and laughing."

LeRoy Bell on his thankful song: "My song choice for this week is a song I'm singing for my mom. And, it so happens to be her favorite song and it's one of my favorites. She passed away about two years ago, so it's going to be a really personal take, more personal than any other ones."

LeRoy Bell's Thanksgiving plans: "If I'm still here, my son's going to be here. I don't know what we're doing. I'm going to be in California for Thanksgiving for the first time. Do you have nice weather here during Thanksgiving? Maybe go to the beach."

Chris Rene on his thankful song: "It's dedicated to someone important in my life. I dedicate prayers to all the people that I care about, even people that I don't know. I pray for the whole world every day. This song has a lot of meaning. It's beyond real for me and my story. You guys are really going to see it. You're going to see more of who I am. It's going to be epic."

Chris Rene's Thanksgiving plans: "Hopefully get to hang out with family and if not, get on Skype." Favorite Thanksgiving memory? "Eating a lot of food in my old house in SoCal with my family, my grandma, my the backyard."

Rachel Crow on her thankful song: "I'm not telling who I'm dedicating my song to. I'm keeping it a surprise from everyone. It's a very uplifting song. It's almost like a gospel choir song. So, I can't wait to sing it."

Rachel Crow's Thanksgiving plans: "I don't know, probably turkey and stuffing. I think it's going to be a nice day. If I am still here, I would just love to maybe have Thanksgiving with some of the contestants. My favorite Thanksgiving memory is last year. It was my last Thanksgiving with my grandpa and sitting around the table and just seeing all their faces."

Marcus Canty on his thankful song: "I won't tell who I'm dedicating the song to. The lady I'm dedicating the song to is the special lady in my life. I'm going to keep it sentimental. I want America to understand where I'm coming from. I want America to understand why I chose this song. I want America to know that special lady - she's not going anywhere."

Marcus Canty's Thanksgiving plans: "Hopefully my family can come down. I've got a suite so hopefully we can get some cooking going on and we can have a nice dinner together. Can't go back home. It's competition time, baby! I always love being with my family. Every year, we have so many memories."

Drew on her thankful song: "This week's song is dedicated to very special person to me. And so I chose this song and it means a lot to me. So, it's going to be, I'm hoping, my best performance, because I really feel the emotion and it's true emotion."

Drew's Thanksgiving Plans: "My two brothers and my daddy are coming up to L.A. and we're going to spend it together. Two of my best friends are also coming out to L.A. to see the show and I'm freaking out. I miss my friends! It's going to be super fun. I love stuffing on Thanksgiving. I can't wait. I'm hungry right now and on Thanksgiving, I'm even hungrier."

Whose "Giving Thanks" song are you most excited to hear? And which X Factor star would you most want to have over at your Thanksgiving dinner? 

I'm definitely excited to hear another side of Josh Krajcik, especially if it's as incredible as all his other sides we've seen so far. And I'd sit at the kids' table with Rachel Crow any day. Just don't invite Simon -- you know he'd spend all night complaining that the turkey was too dry, in between insulting the pilgrims for running away from jolly ol' oppressive England.

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