'The X Factor' Season 2 Co-Host Pop Quiz: Are Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez Passing the Test?
'The X Factor' Season 2 Co-Host Pop Quiz: Are Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez Passing the Test?
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Two weeks of live shows have passed and The X Factor has formally been introduced to two more fresh faces. Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian-Odom have joined forces as co-hosts for the singing talent show, facing four heavyweight celebrity judges, a handful of talented contestants and, of course, you, the viewers.  

There has been controversy surrounding Mario and Khloe since the beginning. So now that we've seen how they work together, let's take a moment to analyze. If these two were given a X Factor co-host pop quiz, how do you think they would do?

Below are a few basic situations that a host might encounter. First, you answer the question as if you were the host. Then we'll tell you how The X Factor Hosts did.

Question 1. Judging the Judges

When seeking comments from the judges, how would you address them?

A) Ask them politely to share their opinions and/or criticize them for the contestants' benefit. After all, we're all here to help the talent follow their dreams.

B) Skip over the judges' comments. Who cares what Britney Spears has to say anyway!

C) Badger Demi Lovato for her insight even though she protests giving away too much information.

Made your choice? Now, based on the last two weeks, let's see what Mario and Khloe would mark down.

Mario Lopez is a veteran host, at this point. He's worked for Extra and America's Best Dance Crew, so he's well aware of the correct way to talk with judges and keep a fun and professional demeanor before flashing those dimples. Yes, the correct answer is A.

Khloe, unfortunately, would pen a bold, red circle around letter C. During feedback for Fifth Harmony's performance, then known as 1432, Demi did not want to name the one girl who stood out. Khloe insisted she spill the beans, saying, "Well, I want to know." You're three times her size, Khloe. There's no need to bully.

Question 2. Touchy Contestants

Next on the list is the reason the show exists, the contestants. Voters take into consideration the performer's interaction with the host. If Jason Brock announced that he would pinch your butt, what would you do?

A) Flirt with him like you do with all of the contestants.

B) Smile and pray the commercial break comes quickly.

C) Argue back that if he pinches you, you'll slap his face.

Judging by the look on Mario's face when Jason actually did this with a grin, there's no doubt that he wanted to speed time along. B was his choice and the right way to go.

Khloe, on the other hand, would probably get a kick out of letter A, seeing as how she jumps at the chance to rub Simon's shoulder or flirt with whomever she can. Her husband Lamar must not watch the show.

Question 3. Teleprompter Troubles

Lots can go wrong with the teleprompter such as flubbing your lines or not seeing lines at all. So how would you handle teleprompter troubles?

A) Stare into the camera like a deer caught in headlights and try to remember to show your best side.

B) Go with the flow and improvise!

C) Whisper in your co-host's ear, "I don't see anything. What do I do now?"

Of all times for this to happen, it was during last night's results show. The prompter must have gone wacky and hours seemed to have passed between Mario and Khloe revealed performers' names. 

Mario took it like a champ, choosing B, and began asking the judges for their thoughts, engaging the audience instead of sitting around and waiting.

Khloe tried, I'll give her an A, and not for effort, but dead silence is more her type. 

This just proves that one host is better than two. Khloe tries and while the judges and contestants seem to have a bit of fun with her, she's just not cut out for this gig. Mario is the way to go.

Mario: Pass

Khloe: Fail

Would you pass The X Factor Season 2 co-hosts? Leave your comments below!

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