New 'X Factor' Clips: More Songs, Less Snark (Finally)
Most of the videos from The X Factor feature the judges shelling out their comments like the Grinch before Christmas. Now, however, we've got two promos with less criticism (because it won't all be clapping and compliments) and more singing. We can get a glimpse of the contestants themselves, so we won't have to rely on whatever offhand remark Simon makes.

FOX released these two clips recently, and the first one shows scenes from the premiere of The X Factor. Sure, we hear one judge - guess who - talk about someone's horrible voice, but other than that it looks like there are a few choice contenders out there. 

Aside from that, there are inspiring stories that apparently can make the audience cry, in addition to talented individuals that can actually make the judges stand up and applaud. Here's what else you can expect on the series premiere:

On this second clip, we have the judges heaping praise on the set of The X Factor. It's all very, very exciting. 

And he probably won't admit it, but this is probably the closest Simon can get to being star-struck. Looks like he's really thrilled about discovering the next big popstar on the show.

The other judges agree. L.A. thinks it's all breathtaking, from the sets to the stage, while Nicole thinks it's going to be wild. And even if it's familiar to Paula, she's sure there's still a lot to look forward to.

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(Image courtesy of FOX)