More 'The X Factor' Promos: Auditions and Nightmares for the Season Premiere
We've seen a lot from the previous previews of FOX's The X Factor, and apparently there's also a lot more we haven't glimpsed. The network has released several other clips to prepare us for the explosive premiere, highlighting some of the best and worst moments of the show.

The X Factor has the contestants performing in front of the judges and a huge crowd that will either cheer or boo with each act. That sounds just like the recipe for on-stage breakdowns, doesn't it? 

Still, some contestants make it. This first clip is a mishmash of scenes from the upcoming season of The X Factor. We see contestants in mid-air, we see contestants in tears, and we see the judges smiling and applauding. Sometimes. There's also a lot of singing.

The next video features Simon, Paula, Nicole and L.A. departing from a private jet and meeting the contestants. Expect a lot of awed expressions and "What the bloody hell was that?", because The X Factor (which is totally not Idol) is bound to be full of surprises. 

Below, the judges realize how much of a nightmare the live auditions can be. Some of them even get into fights with a number of the wannabes. From awkward high notes to egos that shoot through the roof, there are some contestants who just aren't made for stardom. Too bad they don't believe that.

This last video has more energy though, because we can't leave you with that horrible third clip. Despite the initial put-downs from the judges, we find that there are those whose talent will really take them to the top. 

Don't forget to catch the premiere of The X Factor, where thousands of people try their best to go home with millions of dollars. The series will debut at 8pm on September 21 on FOX. For reminders of when the next episode is on, download the NEW BuddyTV Guide App. Mark your favorites to discover new shows, surf Netflix and control it all from your phone. Coming soon to Android. 

(Image courtesy of FOX)