VIDEO: 'The Walking Dead' First Look, It's Killer
VIDEO: 'The Walking Dead' First Look, It's Killer
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Move over vampires and werewolves, it's time for zombies to get their time in the TV spotlight. AMC's new zombie apocalypse drama, The Walking Dead, is shaping up to be the "can't miss" new series of the year. Even if you're typically not a fan of the brain-craving flesh-eaters, there's still a safe chance you'll want to tune in to The Walking Dead.

The show takes place in the wake of a zombie apocalypse and follows a group of survivors as they try to do whatever it takes to stay alive in a world run by zombies. Our hero is Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln,  a police officer determined to reunite with his family, zombies be damned.

The show appears to be a mixture between, 28 Days Later, I Am Legend, Survivor and Deadwood. It's also safe to say that while the show will be scary, exciting, and dramatic, it (like most zombie flicks) will also include a whole ton of social commentary.
In a brilliant move, AMC is premiering 90 minute pilot of The Walking Dead on Halloween. I'm sure just by the nature of the show, that an onslaught of fanboys and horror fanatics will tune in. But with AMC's brilliant track record, I'm pretty sure non-horror fans will most likely also tune it. With the pedigree involved, it's a no brainer! (Get it, ha ha.)
Without knowing anything else about the show, just the fact that is on AMC should be reson enough to watch. AMC has an incredible track record so far with Mad Men, Breaking Bad and to a degree Rubicon. AMC is committed to high quality, smart programming and doesn't seem too concerned with the status quo. Any other network would have canceled Rubicon by now, but AMC has an incredible amount of patience to allow their shows grow organically.

Another reason to watch is the show's creator. The series is created by film director Frank Darabont, who also directed the first six episodes of the series. Darabont has a keen eye for detail, and his track record for adaptations is pretty dang impressive (he adapted three Stephen King novels successfully). He is working closely with the creators of The Walking Dead comic to make sure the source material's integrity is intact.

Still need another reason to watch? There are rumors floating out there that show has already been picked up for a second season, and they way they plan to approach their seasons looks fantastic. The format of each season of the series will be set around seasons of time. The first season of the series begins in the fall, and each respective season will fall in line with the correct season of time. That gets me pretty excited for frozen zombies in the winter.     

So what do you think? Are you as excited for The Walking Dead as I am? Will you watch, even if zombies aren't you thing? Sound off below!

If you still need convincing, or you just can't wait til Halloween, check out these videos for The Walking Dead.

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