'The Walking Dead': Spoilers for the Shocking Season Finale
'The Walking Dead': Spoilers for the Shocking Season Finale
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
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Warning: If you haven't caught up with The Walking Dead's last two episodes, do not read on unless you are prepared to be majorly spoiled!

Fans of The Walking Dead have been shocked repeatedly in the past two weeks with the deaths of major characters Dale and Shane (particularly the latter, who was an ongoing counterpart to the group's leader, Rick). Now, with the season finale looming this Sunday, many are left wondering what the show could possibly do to top the recent surprises. Well, given what the showrunners have said in recent interviews this week, it seems like fans can expect an blood-filled, utterly chaotic and "jaw-dropping" finale--read on (warning: spoilers ahead) for more details.

On the death of Shane and its impact:
Concerning the sudden death of Shane (played by Jon Bernthal) in last week's episode, executive producer Glen Mazzara promises there was a purpose to the bloodshed (that had been mistakenly revealed earlier). According to EW, Mazzara views Shane's death as a way to harness the show's focus on Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln), who was the one to kill Shane before his former best friend turned into a zombie and Rick's son Carl was forced to finish the deed. This impacts Rick's character significantly, informing his decisions and forcing him to evolve "in a very real way." As told to TV Guide, by the end of the finale, audiences will see "a very interesting Rick" and "exactly what kind of leader he is."

On Shane's immediate resurrection and the secret Jenner whispered into Rick's ear:
According to TVLine, "Shane turning after being stabbed definitely does inform Rick revealing what Jenner whispered," and the audience will finally discover what was whispered in the season 1 finale.

On using the comic books as indication of who will be killed:
As Dale's death comes much later in the comics and Shane's death occurred much sooner, no character's fate is certain when it comes to the show. Creator Robert Kirkman says this done in part to "keep things interesting" and to help shock audiences who are followers of the comics. Mazzara insists that the TV show is a separate enterprise that tries to preserve "the spirit of the comic book. We take [the comic book] for inspiration, but we have to put our own twist on it."

On what to expect in the finale (titled "Beside the Dying Fire"):
Due to the sound of Carl's gun shot that killed Shane, a stampede of zombies will head towards the group's haven at Herschel's farm, which will inspire chaos and division of the group, forcing Rick's leadership to be tested once and for all. Other major details have been kept under wraps, but here's a list of quotes given by the showrunners that will surely create high anticipation for the finale:

  • "The finale is probably our biggest episode so far." It will be "complete and utter chaos."
  • "Fans will be saying, 'I can't wait for October.'"
  • "All hell breaks loose."
  • "The time for eulogizing is over, and it's just time for survival."
  • According to producer Gale Anne Hurd, "When we mixed the last couple of episodes... even my jaw dropped, and I was there when we shot it." The finale will reveal a "shocking cliffhanger."
  • And finally, when pressed about the deaths in the finale, Kirkman said, "The cast we begin the episode with is radically altered by the end of the episode."

Are you excited for the big season finale? Can an episode really live up to this much hype? Find out on Sunday at 9pm on AMC.

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